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Joseph Hope, Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times:
Narendra Modi's sole aim is to make India a better Country.If he is not stopped, in the future India will become the most Powerful Nation in the World.. It will surprise the United States, the United Kingdom & Russia

Narendra Modi is moving towards a specific goal.. No one knows what he wants to do..

Behind the Smiling face, a dangerous Patriot.. He uses all the Countries of the world for the benefit of his Nation India..

Destroyed US ties with Pakistan and Afghanistan..
Narendra Modi has created an alliance with Vietnam, shattered China’s Superpower dream and made use of the 3 Countries.The longrunning dispute over oil extraction overseas between Vietnam and China has benefited India.. With India's support,Vietnam began producing Oil
In China's Southern Seas..
It supplies all of its Oil to India.. The United States has different support for this. He made Pakistan a poor Country.He brought the Port of Iran under his control.
He has set up an Indian Military base on the border with Afghanistan,very close to the area that divides Pakistan. In order to increase Indian trade, he has also built a route through Iran (leaving Pakistan) to Afghanistan..
Narendra Modi’s desires are going one by one.
Narendra Modi’s desires are going one by one.. Sections 370 and 35A have been repealed..
One day, Pakistan, he will completely capture occupied Kashmir.. Pakistan will fall into 4 pieces in the coming seasons.. This will happen on the warning of Narendra Modi..
In Asia, this man who finished China & the United States cncld the SAARC Summit and showed his power to the World.Narendra Modi has succeeded in maintaining India's superiority over Asia
He made UAE fine the Foreign minister of Pakistan on landing in UAE & sent the minister bck
Russia and Japan, 2 of Asia's Major Powers, have done nothing to say..

He held both Countries in his hands with great precision.. In the case of China's Vietnam Oil issue, China will ask for Oil.. Then he will ask Pakistan Occupied Kashmir..
What he would ask was, "I'll take it.. You have Hair in your Mouth," and tease China's Vietnam issue..
Nothing can be done by China.. This person is taking Indian Politics to a different level..

Many Countries think and act that each Country has many Enemies..
But India has no Enemies other than Pakistan.. India is almost certain to be a friend to all Countries of the World.. This man is doing more harm to Pakistan than the real War.. By using Muslim Countries against Pakistan.
Narendra Modi has proven himself to be one of the Best leaders in the World
Even if Pakistan makes War with India, there will not be so much loss But now Pakistan is suffering more than https://t.co/4Bmnv29LJJ all negotiations with all Countries.
Even if Pakistan makes War with India, there will not be so much loss.. But now Pakistan is suffering more than that..

In all negotiations with all Countries, this person's Honesty must be taken into account..

India's progress will be difficult for the rest of the World..
With the current astounding growth of India, all the Countries in the United Nations will experience the consequences..!
Pranaam @narendramodi ji...❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻
Article courtesy @veena_00000

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