Trump biographers—including me—and many Washington journalists are telling America that (a) Trump will never stop his coup attempt, (b) there's no bottom to what he's willing to do, therefore (c) there's no final "victory" over Trump we can celebrate.

I hope America will listen.

Donald Trump is a profoundly damaged mind. Everyone close to him who gets escape velocity from his madness says so. Friends. Employees. Family members. Trump's pathologies make him an ongoing danger to America that Biden's DOJ and intelligence officials *cannot afford* to ignore.
Too many journalists wrote pieces tonight calling the SCOTUS decision in the Texas lawsuit a "fatal blow" to Trump's coup. Listen—the coup was never going to succeed and Biden was always going to be sworn in. The question is what the country will look like when (and after) he is.
So you have a man on a mission to destroy this country who has it within his power to do so and you think his pathological scheme will cease because of a court decision? The "coup" concept will unfold over as long a period as Trump needs for him to get what he wants: total power.
Lara Trump will run for the Senate in North Carolina, they say. Ivanka Trump is mulling a Florida Senate run. Donald Trump Jr. is mulling the Montana governorship. The GOP may be the "Trump Party" by 2024.

This is an ongoing effort to build an autocratic dynasty and end America.
Here's the good news: The Lincoln Project exists. And a few more Republicans—not #NeverTrumpers before now—will bolt from what Trump is doing now and will continue to do after January 6th. And Trump can't build on his base by much. So that's what we have to work with right now.
Trump will shortly announce a 2024 run—and is setting up at least 3 family members to run for president after him. He has terrorized one of the nation's two great political parties into abject subjugation. There's no Republican Party now—there's the Trump Party. We must see this.
Anyone in journalism who called out Trump for what he was in 2017 was attacked. The attackers were incredulous at the idea Trump was anything more than another pol with an agenda his critics detested.

Where are those folks now? Silent. Because now all America sees what Trump is.
I don't know how far off the exit ramp for all this is—how long it will take for America to survive it, given that there's no sign publicly that Biden understands what he's facing here. Right now I'm focused on my own off-ramp, because I can't keep writing these warnings anymore.
Trump campaign official Steve Cortes announced on Twitter that "the only day that matters" with respect to the Electoral College is January 20th—they don't even recognize January 6th as being significant. And if you think they'll stop on January 20th, you really don't understand.
The things we may soon see could be beyond belief: Trump calling Mar-A-Lago the "Southern White House" and forming a shadow cabinet. Widespread calls for secession. Calls for impeachment of Biden with doctored evidence. It'll be neverending—an effort to make America ungovernable.
I know Biden's team reads this feed, as I know who follows my feed. My message to them is frankly this: imagine you're about to come to power in a nation dealing with a seditious insurrection that's using advanced, asymmetrical post-internet tactics few in government understand.
Joe Biden doesn't need to become something he isn't—he's always going to want to be a uniter, and that's a good thing. But his mindset must be tinged with realism/pragmatism to a degree we're not seeing or we'll all get whiplash when the DOJ/USIC publicly acknowledge this threat.
PS/ One thing among many I give Biden credit for: making a former national security advisor his top domestic policy adviser. Folks wondered about that pick—including me—just due to of Rice's area of expertise.

I now think it's a very good sign that Biden has a sense of his task.

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(THREAD) To understand the second impeachment of Donald Trump, we must understand the words that preceded and augmented his January 6 incitement of insurrection. This thread unpacks four key speeches—Don Jr., Giuliani, Mo Brooks, and Eric Trump. I hope you'll read on and RETWEET.

1/ If you haven't yet seen my analysis of Trump's January 6 "incitement to insurrection" speech, you can find it at the link below. This thread will look at four shorter—but deeply consequential—speeches just before Trump's, all by Trump allies or family.


Trump Jr.'s speech on January 6—which ended less than an hour before his father incited an insurrection—is one of the most inscrutable of the day, because its beginning includes some promisingly responsible rhetoric. Then it descends into madness and chaos.

3/ "I'm looking at the crowd here, and you did it all [congregate here] without burning down buildings! You did it without ripping down churches! Without looting! I didn't know that that was possible!" Within 2 hours of his speech, Don Jr.'s audience would be looting the Capitol.

4/ So obviously Don Jr.'s opening is ironic to a historic degree, but this isn't the first time we've heard this rhetoric from him. He habitually ignores right-wing violence because he knows that his chief rhetorical canard—which marries progressivism and violences—gets applause.

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Rig Ved 1.36.7

To do a Namaskaar or bow before someone means that you are humble or without pride and ego. This means that we politely bow before you since you are better than me. Pranipaat(प्राणीपात) also means the same that we respect you without any vanity.


Surrendering False pride is Namaskaar. Even in devotion or bhakti we say the same thing. We want to convey to Ishwar that we have nothing to offer but we leave all our pride and offer you ourselves without any pride in our body. You destroy all our evil karma.


We bow before you so that you assimilate us and make us that capable. Destruction of our evils and surrender is Namaskaar. Therefore we pray same thing before and after any big rituals.


तं घे॑मि॒त्था न॑म॒स्विन॒ उप॑ स्व॒राज॑मासते ।
होत्रा॑भिर॒ग्निं मनु॑षः॒ समिं॑धते तिति॒र्वांसो॒ अति॒ स्रिधः॑॥

Translation :

नमस्विनः - To bow.

स्वराजम् - Self illuminating.

तम् - His.

घ ईम् - Yours.

इत्था - This way.

उप - Upaasana.

आसते - To do.

स्त्रिधः - For enemies.


अति तितिर्वांसः - To defeat fast.

मनुषः - Yajman.

होत्राभिः - In seven numbers.

अग्निम् - Agnidev.

समिन्धते - Illuminated on all sides.

Explanation : Yajmans bow(do Namaskaar) before self illuminating Agnidev by making the offerings of Havi.