The take down of the Cabal A-Z Charlie Freak & @djmarkdevlin

...In May 2017- Prince alwaleed tala sold his soul to the 13 bloodline families

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Trump visits the Middle East and receives royal Saudi welcome, highest Saudi honour by receiving the golden collar of abdulaziz al Saud
Not been seen with past presidents ...
When trump arrived in the summer of 2017 14/09/2017 he laid out all the documents, all the folders and they had all the photographs, disks, cds, dvds with all footage of them doing horrific things, the NSA has it all!
2 weeks later the richest men begun getting arrested...
They hand picked Obama, alwaleed tala decided to make Obama the linchpin of the us presidency. Barack has connections all over the cabal
Bin salman took his place and was not ok with what alwaleed was doing.
The second day the crowned prince and the king both submitted publicly the control over Saudi Arabia over too Donald J Trump. How do we know this? the sword of dance ritual
Which is very big deal to the Muslim culture. Only the king holds the sword, who is at the top of podium? who is surrounded and in support of Donald j trump? This is Saudi Arabia publicly capitulating
In the pictures you can see the king and he looks like he is about to die as they have practically handed the keys to Saudi Arabia to DJT
Abraham accords - “Thanks to the great courage of the leaders of these three countries, we take a major stride toward a future in which people of all faiths and backgrounds live together in peace and prosperity”
Where trump went next, he went with Saudi as his team, they are now working for him and apart of the Q plan

Went immediately to Israel 22nd May 2017
Western wall
Trump is the first sitting president to visit the the western wall
He was asked to look at ancient text explaining the importance of the wall,Men and women are separated in front of the wall but DJT is stood with Melanie which displays power,He is not a puppet for Zionist, they do not exist, there is just Venetians and the 13 blood line families
He sat down with everyone behind the cameras and laid it all out

They knew that Saudi had signed over but Israel wouldn’t so that’s why trump stayed another day, he was not going to leave Israel without them capitulating
He then told Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Palestinians that Jerusalem is the recognised capital. Israel publicly submitted allowing the USA to move the embassy to Jerusalem. It is a symbolic act to show who has the power even in the holy land
Next step is the Vatican 25th May 2017
He presents to pope Francis a massive, apparently the folder was huge, handed it to the Vatican and said take your time have a look. Trump would not leave until they signed the documents, it took the Vatican that night they had capitulated.
Donald trump has a look on his face of victory, while Melanie and Ivanka look like they are attending a funeral, who’s? They had no obligation to respect the old Vatican tradition of the black veil
... past president/leaders with the pope
At the end of the meeting trump said to Francis “I won’t forget what you said” No cameras were allowed inside their meeting
They symbolically signed off. The fed is controlled by a certain group within the Catholic Church who went forth and spread the teachings of Christianity..
The jesuits. Gods bankers
They had a Private bank public and a public bank Private that’s the Vatican bank
They were in control of the fed
Trump would not leave until Pope Francis issued papal bull announcing that by a certain date the Vatican bank which was in charge of all, head executed exchequer that was in control of all the earth wide federal reserve banking systems it was all handed to Donald J Trump⬇️Example
Trump is not only the executor and exchequer of the treasury and therefore in control of the fed in the us but the exchequer for earth.

He is the executor and exchequer for every country on earth, nobody has ever been more powerful than Donald J Trump
He is the first individual that managed to out smart the bankers, he did it quietly, stealthily and without any fan fair or news reporting he took over the federal reserve of the United States. 11th October 2018 trump signed a Trillion dollar bill
London was the financial arm, Washington was the military and Rome was the religious core and spirit of this unholy trinity of power. These 3 states control the world, they live by the law of the sea, they are pirates
The CIA, Rothschild banking dynasty is too far gone and evil so trump didn’t want to work with them so he circumvented them
It’s matriarch of the second generation is sir Evelyn Rothschild who is the current financial advisor to the queen, all of there power was cut off and they have been forced to do some really humbling things over the last 18 months in particular by POTUS
Great Britain 12th July 2018
Trump stepped ahead of Prince Charles, walked away at a pace the Prince couldn’t keep up and he walked right over to Charles private guard and started shooting the breeze with him, breaking royal protocol
Melanie was representing Diana on her visit to the UK.. everyone needs to jump down this particular rabbit hole
Trump arrived late for tea at Windsor with the queen, famously made her wait 15 minutes. The queen was wearing a special symbolic broach that her mother wore at Elizabeth’s fathers funeral king George in 1952
13 July 2018-Trumps behaviour was incredible, he didn’t follow protocol, walked and went wherever he wanted and walked in front of the queen, referred to the her as a ‘quilf’. Since the visit the queen has been losing power
The crown has no owner
14th October 2019 the queen had full attire, robe and crown etc...
December 2019 state open after the election where Boris has majority, The queen addresses parliament without proper attire, royal jewels etc.. the conservative laws can now be passed
... @Nigel_Farage the UK loves you!
Russia July 2018
Trump was meeting with Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit and arrived 45minutes late again, they then sat down one on one for about 2 hrs which was longer than expected, nobody else was in the room
At the press briefing Putin handed trump a soccer ball and said “mr president I give this ball to you and now the ball is in your court”, in front of all the press Putin put the ball in trump court giving him the power, Russia capitulated and is now apart of the team
The patches on a football has the same pattern as the chemical structure of adreno-chrome. They symbolically passed over in front of the press
China 7 April 2017 Mara lago
First time meeting with Xi Jing, trump publicly said “we are going to have a great friendship, I know it” they shook hands to seal the deal. Who has control of the handshake?
Remember these countries aren’t just stepping down from being evil, but are helping and are apart of this process of purging the swamp
First time visiting China as president 8 November 2017
China pulled out all the stops to celebrate Trumps visit, crowds of people, lavish meals
The first time a sitting president has a tour of the forbidden city in Beijing with Xi Jing and there wives. This is huge, it’s called the forbidden city for a reason and of course this was at trump request

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According to the Ancient Indian theory of education, the training of the mind & the process of thinking, are essential for the acquisition of knowledge.


Vedic Education System delivered outstanding results.  These were an outcome of the context in which it functioned.  Understanding them is critical in the revival of such a system in modern times. 
The Shanthi Mantra spells out the context of the Vedic Education System.

It says:

ॐ सह नाववतु ।
सह नौ भुनक्तु ।
सह वीर्यं करवावहै ।
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

“Aum. May we both (the guru and disciples) together be protected. May we both be nourished and enriched. May we both bring our hands together and work

with great energy, strength and enthusiasm from the space of powerfulness. May our study and learning together illuminate both with a sharp, absolute light of higher intelligence. So be it.”

The students started the recitation of the Vedic hymns in early hours of morning.

The chanting of Mantras had been evolved into the form of a fine art. Special attention was paid to the correct pronunciation of words, Pada or even letters. The Vedic knowledge was imparted by the Guru or the teacher to the pupil through regulated and prescribed pronunciation,