1. We were informed that Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would receive 800# notification on Wed. 16 Dec. (A Shotgun Release of liquidity started on Mon. 14 Dec.).

Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work for the next nine days from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm until...

2. ... Dec. 24, when they would close at 5:30 pm.

The general public would begin exchanging at the new International Rates on the first banking business day after the Christmas Holiday.

A. The RV, NESARA, GESARA, Restored Republic and Martial Law
3. According to Charlie Ward we began the Ten Days of Darkness on Tues. 15 Dec. The Ten Days would finish Dec. 24 Christmas Eve with the US going into NESARA and then the rest of the world would go straight into GESARA on 1 Jan. 2021.
4. Every single country and territory has agreed to GESARA. The UK government corporation was liquidated in Oct. last year and it was finalized last week. France has started breaking up their Parliament. Everything needed for implementation of NESARA/GESARA was finished.
5. Trump’s Christmas present: In a recent Executive Order President Trump declared that all government agencies (except for essential ones) permanently close on Dec. 24 2020. Trump had that authority since we were already under Martial Law (the US had been functioning under...
6. ... Martial Law since President [B]ush declared it after 9/11) and now had a National Emergency due to members of the Mon. 14 Dec. Electoral College officially “validating” fraudulent votes of the 2020 Election that were obtained through collusion with foreign powers...
7. ... (Chinese Communist Party, Venezuela, Canada, Germany – the list goes on) – that’s Treason. https://t.co/pg4nnzy915

President Trump’s EO meant that all Cabal US Inc. government agencies (including Congress, the FBI and CIA) would cease to function by Christmas –...
8. ... to be replaced, I believe, by a new election under a restored Republic that functioned under the original Constitution.

After the Civil War private bankers, some of whom weren’t even US citizens such as the Rothschilds, UK monarchy and Vatican, conspired with US...
9. ... citizens such as the Rockefellers, and managed to change wording of our Constitution, plus later formed the IRS and Federal Reserve off shore so they could collect US citizen taxes for their own use and control the US and global monetary systems.
10. Charlie Ward has said that the election for the restored Republic would take place through use of the transparent Quantum Computer where eligible voters would be identified and validated to fill in their ballots through personal computers or phones, with the final...
11. ... results across the country known in seconds.

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