We have shared a lot of threads exclusively on Subasish Pani in the past year.

As this year comes to an end, here are the 11 most powerful threads on Subasish Pani exclusively compiled for you all.

Collborated with @AdityaTodmal

1/ Important concepts from Power of Stocks - Subasish Pani:

2/ Important concepts with video links of Subasish Pani:

3/ The 5 EMA set-up:

4/ The Bollinger Band set- up:

5/ Five of the best and highest profit trades of Subasish Pani:
6/ Free Options trading course for beginners:

7/ Breakdown of 5 of the highest profitable trades made by Subasish Pani:

8/ Subhasish Pani made Rs. 58 lakhs from Rs. 2 lakh capital by option buying during the covid crash.

Things to know if you are an option buyer:

9/ Eight concepts that you should know if you are a follower of Subasish Pani:
10/ Transcript/learnings from F2F interview of Subasish Pani conducted by @Vivbajaj Sir

11/ Fifteen learnings from Power of Stocks:
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Twelve months seems like such a long time, and tat the same time it passes by soon.

We only have so many years here and we should all care about doing the best we can with each one we’ve got.

I hope you found some here wisdom here to help with that.
That's a wrap!

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