🙋🏾‍♀️ In 2011, I was hired into my first junior role in tech @Groupon

👩🏾‍💻 By 2020, I was headhunted into a VP role in a global tech company @Brandwatch

🤖 I achieved this progression in less than a decade, without ANY coding skills

🔮 How did I do it?

*a thread*

🤓 I established a track record of results.

💪🏾 No magic formula can replace hard work: do your job well & hit all the targets you are set.

😬 When you're struggling, ask for help so you can stay on track to get results, or collaboratively adjust targets.
🎨 I stayed creative.

🧙🏿‍♀️ When challenges arose I was bold enough to try new solutions. Not everything worked, but constantly trying produced valuable innovations.

🧠 I was proactive in finding new, better ways to get the job done.
🤩 I was a self-promoter. I recorded my achievements & ensured they were mentioned in any performance / compensation reviews.

😎 I put myself forward for any opportunities to gain recognition e.g. speaking opportunities or awards.

👀I actively worked on gaining visibility.
🙂 I was myself. Some say you need to be ruthless to succeed. I don't buy it. I'm a nice person so I'm nice at work, too.

❤️ I didn't fake it. I always acted on my values, and spoke up when something didn't feel right. I showed integrity.

🤗 I was a team player. To everyone.
👊🏾 I toughened up & thickened my skin. Mostly to absorb constructive feedback better.

🗣 I learned how to ask for feedback that showed me my blind spots & flaws so I could work more effectively.

👂🏽 I learned how to listen without defending myself, and simply absorb & learn.
🚀 I took risks. When a career opportunity arose that better served my purpose: I jumped at it.

🍂 I embraced change AND I embraced failure.

😒 Things don't always go to plan, I accept that, I expect that.

💪🏾 Every step in the journey made me wiser & more resilient.
🤠 I followed my gut & learned to filter out naysayers & those who didn't get me.

✊🏾 @hustlecrewlive wouldn't exist if I listened to super smart, experienced tech pros who told me it wouldn't work. We're on track for 7 fig ARR. And it's my side hustle.

🤓 I did things MY WAY.
🤗 I built a support network who understood my ambitions & eccentricities.

🌈I embraced my differences & uniqueness & leaned *heavily* into these.

❤️ I surrounded myself with people who bigged up these parts of me.

🙋🏾‍♀️ In doing so, I built my self-belief & self-confidence.
📚 I never stopped learning & challenging myself.

🧐 I surrounded myself with people smarter, more ambitious & driven than me.

🤯 I expanded my knowledge thru podcasts, articles, videos, books.

🧠 I built a network of mentors I've never met but whose content I've absorbed.
📈 An economist by training, I accepted the sacrifices required to succeed.

😕 I accepted missing out on fun stuff when in-between jobs or starting @hustlecrewlive.

🛍 I accepted times I could only afford essentials.

😥 I accepted declining mental & physical health, too.
✍️ Finally, I mastered the art of story-telling.

🗺 I never had a plan for my career progression, although I always so desperately wanted one.

🚶🏽‍♀️ I just keep putting one foot forward, then at specific milestones, craft a compelling narrative looking backwards.

💫 Good luck.

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