I'm pretty sure whoever designed this control usually makes gender selectors for websites...

Poly Bridge has a language SLIDER.

all languages exist on a spectrum from English to 한국어
next I want to see a game with a "choose language" button and it brings up this language map like it's a skill tree
gonna spend 200 XP to unlock Tamil
that's from here:
also I'm not saying this game's online leaderboards have been exploited, but the top 15 (at least) scores for this level spent zero dollars on their bridge.

so they won without placing any bridge pieces? that sounds hard.
I thought I'd finally try Poly Bridge 2 to see if it has the same language slider but, uh, it doesn't seem to work as well
I think it just didn't like me alt-tabbing away to mute it.

Sadly, no: they've moved to a much more sensible drop-down
Poly Bridge 2: Just Like Poly Bridge 1, but we upgraded our UI toolkit!
I want a game where all the options are sliders
jump key: [slider from the top left key on the keyboard to the bottom right]
online leaderboard playername:
name length: [slider 1-10]
letter 1: [slider a-z]
letter 2: [slider a-z]
letter 3: [slider a-z]
good to see that Poly Bridge 2 inherits the mouse control bug where it always applies the mousewheel movement even when the game isn't the active window
I'm alt-tabbed over to twitter and as I scroll up and down the poly bridge 2 window is just zooming in and out
so one of the Neat New Features of Poly Bridge 2 is the replays system. Along with making your own bridge and comparing prices on the clearly-hacked leadboards, you can now view other player's solutions!
so obviously I want to know how this works. There's two obvious ways it might work:
1. the leaderboard contains videos. these are just mp4 files of the game being played
2. the leaderboard contains the data for the bridge designs, and it's being rendered in-game
the fact that it shows them all in a little window does make me think they're just video files, though.

and even though people aren't hacking 0$ wins into the leaderboard now doesn't mean they aren't cheating. They just do it with physics, not RAM hacking
here's one that shows a bit better what's happening.
They made a "bridge" which is a bit of dense road that falls and crushes the car, but since cars can't "crush", the physics engine ends up squirting them out like a watermelon seed
ok, three things I've figured out from wireshark:
1. it's talking to cloudflare
2. it's using TLS
3. it's probably about 750 kilobytes for one playback
TLS means I can't super-easily tell how it works.
and #1 and #3 mean it's probably just videos. tiny videos.
of course now the question is:
does it compress the videos in the client and upload them to the server?

or does it upload the solution to the server and let it render them?
because if it's #1, I might could beat a level with the video of Never Gonna Give You Up.
not that I would ever do such a thing, of course.
anyway I could now MITM the game and see into the TLS connections... it doesn't have a proxy setting, but it probably uses the IE one.
And thank fuck for that, because I'd hate to configure my proxy using a slider.

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