Today is also death anniversary of P.V.Narasimha Rao, the man who liberalized the Indian economy, and opened it up. And more than anything else, provided the much needed stability for India in the turbulent 90s. One of the best PMs IMO. #PVNarasimhaRao

The man who dismantled India's Licence Raj, opened up relations with Israel, adopted a Look East Policy. P.V.Narasimha Rao took over as PM, when India was faced with multiple challenges both on political and economic front in 1991.
Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, Economic crisis, India was facing a bleak scenario, in 1991 when PVNR became the PM. It is to PVNR's credit that when he stepped down as PM in 1996,more people in India were optimistic about their future, more confident. #PVNarasimhaRao
I was one of those who grew up during the PVNR era, experienced the initial changes he bought along. He introduced far sweeping reforms( forced or otherwise) , when he was just running a minority Govt dependent on allies support. #PVNarasimhaRao
Heading a minority Govt,PVNR managed to pass through crucial bills on economy, not a mean feat at all. He had to deal with the Nehruvian-Socialist lobby in his own party, apart from the Left, but managed to push through the economic reforms. #PVNarsimhaRao
Abolishing Controller of Capital Issues in 1992, was one of the reforms done by PVNR, also introducing the SEBI act.Indian firms were permitted to raise capital in foreign markets using GDR's thanks to PVNR, as also allowing FII's in equity markets.
Best thing about PVNR, he would reach out to Opposition leaders on any vital issues, and get their assistance. One masterstroke by PVNR was sending Vajpayee and Salman Khurshid to Geneva Human Rights conference on Kashmir. #PVNarsimhaRao
Benazir Bhutto placed a human rights resolution on Kashmir at Geneva, PVNR sent Vajpayee, Salman Khurshid to counter it, brilliant move, Both ABV and Salman Khurshid ensured that Pak sponsored resolution on Kashmir at Geneva was defeated, main brain behind was #PVNarasimhaRao
It was PVNR who started diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, another bold step in foreign relations. Look East policy which emphasized on stronger ties with ASEAN, East Asian nations was again started by #PVNarsimhaRao
PVNR appointed
as Chairman of Commission on Labor Standards in 1994, perhaps first time an Oppn member was given Cabinet Rank post. He also started the cultivate Teheran policy, going closer to Iran, and also more friendly ties with Beijing too.
The world changed dramatically post Cold War, and to his credit PVNR managed the international relations well in that scenario. Incidentally PVNR cultivating better ties with China and Iran, was also a strategic step, to build up a front against Pakistan. #PVNarasimhaRao
Pak's resolution on Kashmir at Geneva failed in 1994, coz both China, Iran opposed it, efforts of PVNR to improve relations with em worked.Pokhran-II again had it's roots in the Nuclear Security, Ballistic Missiles program started by PVNR, who laid the foundation for it.
Another success of PVNR was in crushing out the separatist movement in Punjab, giving a free hand to CM Beant Singh and KPS Gill. Can never forgive MMS for the way he turned his back on PVNR #PVNarsimhaRao
On the flip side, PVNR's regime was notorious for it's scams, right from Harshad Mehta to Sugar Scam to Sukh Ram. Too many scams broke out in his regime, one reason why he never really got the credit he deserved, it remained a black spot on him. #PVNarsimhaRao
PVNR's later years were not good, had to quit in disgrace,financial troubles, and then shabbily treated in his death too. He was also a scholar, a polyglot fluent in around 17 languages among em Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, English, French, Urdu. #PVNarsimhaRao
He also translated Viswanatha Satyanarayana's Veyi Padagalu into Hindi and Hari Narayan Apte's Marathi novel Pan Lakshat Kon Gheto. #PVNarsimhaRao
PVNR was not a Reagan or Thatcher, he was more middle of the road, Centrist kind, ala Wily Brandt and guess it was needed then. He laid the foundation for ABV to follow, and he did so while heading a minority Govt. #PVNarsimhaRao
can only say one thing when PVNR took over as PM in 1991, I was doubtful about India's future, when he left in 1996, I was more confident. And that I think is his greatest achievement, he made many Indians like me believe in the country, and more confident of it's future
When he became PM in 1991,both Punjab, TN were reeling under terrorism, when he stepped down in 1996, it was crushed out in both states. And the country was far more stable. #PVNarasimhaRao
Congress might have forgotten PVNR, but he will always live on in the memories of many ordinary Indians like me for his contribution. Most of the younger generation is unaware of PVNR's contribution, they think that MMS was the one who bought in economic reforms.
Apart from this PVNR was also a freedom fighter, took part in the struggle against British as well as the Nizam. He was arrested during Nizam time, for hoisting the National flag in OU Hostel, later targeted by the Razakars too. #PVNarsimhaRao
Some links here, how PVNR was humiliated in his final days by Madam and her lackeys, even worse MMS being the PM, did not even lift a finger at least out of courtesy for the man who bought him into limelight.
Excerpt from Half Lion by Vijay Sitapati, on how PVNR was humiliated in death, not even given a proper funeral thanks to Madam and her gang. Even worse not a single English media outlet reported this shabby treatment to PVNR.
As a former Prime Minister, PVNR, was entitled to a state funeral, but he was not even given a decent dignified funeral, thanks to Madam's petty mindset. And what was worse the English media, did not even report this at all
It is really disgusting that in a country, where even movie stars get a state funeral nowadays, a scholar, a gentleman, a reformer, a leader who served the country with distinction like P.V.Narasimha Rao was treated so shabbily in death.
On his death anniversary today, my #Naman once again to Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao aka P.V.Narasimha Rao, as some one from that era, will forever be grateful to what he did for India. Salute sir wherever you are.

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Let's stipulate first that lottery winners often have a hard time. Being publicly identified makes you a target for "friends" and "family" who want your money, as well as for non-family grifters and con men. 2/

The stress can be damaging, even deadly, and Uncle Sam takes his huge cut. Plus, having a big pool of disposable income can be irresistible to people not accustomed to managing wealth. 3/

Meanwhile, the private foundation is as close as we come to Downton Abbey and the landed aristocracy in this country. It's a largely untaxed pot of money that grows significantly over time, and those who control them tend to entrench their own privileges and those of their kin. 4

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1. Win the prize.
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3. Receive massive plaudits in the press. You will be a folk hero for this decision.
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3.பிறவிப் பயணத்திலே ஆழ்த்துகின்ற (பிறவி சூழும்)

4.அறியாமையாகிய இடரை (தளை)

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முதல்வரி: பிறவி என்பது முன்வினை விதையால் முளைப்பதோர் பெருமரம். அந்த ‘முன்வினை’ எங்கு ஆரம்பித்தது எனச் சொல்ல இயலாது. ஆனால் ‘அறியாமை’ ஒன்றே ஆசைக்கும்,, அச்சத்துக்கும் காரணம் என்பதால், அவையே வினைகளை விளைவிப்பன என்பதால், தொடர்ந்து வரும் பிறவிகளுக்கு, ‘அறியாமையே’ காரணம்

அறியாமைக்கு ஆரம்பம் கிடையாது. நமக்கு ஒரு பொருளைப் பற்றிய அறிவு எப்போதிருந்து இல்லை? அதைச் சொல்ல முடியாது. அதனாலேதான் முதலடியில், ஆரம்பமில்லாத அஞ்ஞானத்தை பிறவிகளுக்குக் காரணமாகச் சொல்லியது. ஆனால் அறியாமை, அறிவின் எழுச்சியால், அப்போதே முடிந்து விடும்.