Shuchi Nahar's Weekend Blog! : Ethanol - Demand, Market Size, Opportunities & New Government Policies
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A list of all the articles that we have created - From Banking to Fiber!

The content in the articles has been written in a very simple language which will help you learn everything about the sector and/or the company!

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Starting with Financials -

A to Z of Banking, all basics of banking explained -

Top 5 Banks and their strategies -

Large Bank - HDFC Bank - How did HDFC Bank become HDFC Bank -

Mid Sized Bank - Kotak Mahindra Bank

How did they avoid all NPAs from 1999? What makes Uday Kotak's Concalls a goldmine of information on the Banking sector? Everything explained!

We have given details from 1999! The most comprehensive article ever!

Large NBFC - Consumer Durables Play - Bajaj Finance

From its origins to how it gives 0% EMI to how it earns money from manufacturers - everything explained!

More - Origins, Products, Loan Book, Cross-Selling, Risk management, Concalls of 8 Years,

Gold NBFC - Manappuram Finance

Origins (with fun facts)

Products, 10Y Financials, Business model and how do they make money, How does a gold loan work, Operational efficiency, peer comparison, mgmt commentary, why we don't like the stock, and much

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