Many RW Hindus with confused identity think that Hinduism accepts Atheists.

What do some of the Hindu sacred texts say on this topic? Let's see.

Shri Krishna was 100% clear on importance of Shaastras as we already know.
Shri Rama was also clear on what should be done to atheists.

Ayodhya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana.
Maharaaj Manu on Atheists.
Bhagvan Ved Vyas Ji in Shanti Parva of Mahabharata said this to his son Shukadeva regarding Atheists.
Sthyurashmi said this in Shanti Parva.
Devarshi Narad also advised Yudhishthira this in Sabha Parva.
Yudhishthira also spurned Atheists in Van Parva.
Dharmvyadha also asked not to associate with Atheists in Vyadha Gita of Van Parva.
Yaksha Prashna of Van Parva & Yudhishthira's reply about Atheists.
Vidura Ji in Udyog Parva said- Atheists are like Brahma-hatyaras.
Shri Krishna in Bhagvad-Gita Chapter 16, Bhishma Parva.

Humans with Asura-like nature think Universe is without God.
Uma-Maheshwar Samvaad of Anushasan Parva has a lot of talk about Atheists.
Again Bhagvan Shiva tells about what happens to Atheists and that we should not listen to them.
Once more, Mahadeva says that Atheists are born as Deers in their next life. Pic1

Atheists think- there is no Atma & they become the residents of Naraka for that. Pic2
Shri Krishna also told Yudhishthira in Ashwamedhika Parva about the people whose lives are a waste.

Atheists & those who insult Devas are one of them.
In Bhavishya Parva of Harivansha Purana, Bhagvan Vishnu said- Those who are Atheists will go to Naraka.
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