We already know that this katha was narrated by Vishnu ji to Narad Muni. So once a Brahmin named Shatanand, who lived in Kashi, went out to gather Bhiksha for his son Kaltraadi. Shatanand was an ardent devotee of Vishnu ji.

In fact he and his wife both worshipped Vishnu ji. Shatanand met an old Brahmin on the way. The old man asked him as to where was he going. Shatanand replied that he was going to collect Bhiksha for his son. So the old man replied that for a long time Shatanand's family was
in a poor condition. To get rid of this poverty, he should take refuge at the lotus feet of Kamal nayan who is Known as Bhagwan Satyanarayan.
The old Brahmin then revealed his identity. Shatanand realized that the old man was no one else, but Vishnu ji himself.
Shatanand fell on his feet and started singing his praises. He was ecstatic to listen to the voice of Parmatma and get his darshan directly. He felt he was the luckiest being living on this planet.

Vishnu ji advised him to perform Satyanarayan puja with whatever
bhiksha he would receive today. Bhagwan Narayan also told him that this puja did not require an elaborate preparation. But its benefit were manifold. We just have to gather all the materials. Just a panjiri or coarse powder of wheat mixed with sugar and milk should be
prepared as Prasaad .This eatable thing is the favourite of Satyanarayan. And perform the puja with bathing Shaligram in Panchamrit and offering gandh, pushpa, dhoop, deep and naivedya. Then listen to the stories of myself (Vishnu) King Tungdhwaj, Sadhu etc.
After offering Prasaad to all, feed the Brahmin and do charity. All your hardship shall vanish. After telling this to Shatanand Vishnu ji disappeared.

Shatanand received more than what he usually would get in charity. He performed the puja as advised by Vishnu ji.
He spent all the money he received as charity. All the others were surprised that Shatanand was doing things more than what he could afford. But ultimately What he received was more than enough to sustain.
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The full story of || Dhruv ||

We’ll see How Dhruv occupied a fixed position in the northern sky?

I repeat “Untold Unsung now Unearthed”

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.... continuing from previous thread/story

O prince! Thus concentrate on that omnipotent eternal Lord with the mantra - ‘OM NAMO BHAGWATE VAASUDEVAAY’ .

The prince Dhruv greeted the sages and continued on his journey. At last, he reached a beautiful forest Madhuvan on the bank of the river Yamuna. It was the same forest, which was later occupied by a demon Madhu.

Shatrughana, the youngest brother of Sri Rama had killed demon Lavan, son of Madhu in the same forest & founded the township of Mathura. In the same forest, prince Dhruv decided to carry out his penance. As per the dictate of the sages, he began to recite the mantra continuously

Very soon, the earth began to move because of Dhruv’s severe penance. Even the seat of Indra could not remain stable. A stampede resulted among the gods. The gods then hatched a conspiracy to disturb the penance.

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