Fire is, of course, one of the greatest discovery of mankind. Our control over the fire dramatically changed the entire human habits; earlier it was used to cook food, protection from animals and to stay warm.

Among the many applications of fire, one is Yajna (यज्ञ, yajña); also called as Havana (हवन) or Agnihotra (अग्निहोत्र).
Yajna is elaborately described in Yajurveda. In Yajurveda, Yajna is the greatest among all works (Karman). One can purify his /her soul by performing Yajna.
In Vedic culture, it is thought that the holy fire is the mediator between Gods and us; when the offerings are made to Yajna with chanting mantras, it directly reaches the Gods, who bless the people with rains, food, health, and good luck.
According to Apastamba Sutra, the definition of Yajna is Vedic sacrifice; an act by which we surrender something for gods e.g. grains (Anna), pulse, milk and milk product (ghee, butter, curd) fruits, plant juice (soma), etc.

As we said; Yajna is the contact medium for gods and
to seek their blessings.

There are many types of Yajna performed by Hindus for e.g.,

1. Rajsuya Yajna
2. Ashwamedha Yajna
3. Chaaturmasya Yajna
4. Vaajpey Yajna
5. Purushmedha Yajna
6. Sarvamedha Yajna
Havan is a type of Yajna on a small scale in which fire is kindled, oblation offered and Vedic hymns recited.

Scientific overview of Yajna

We all know that the energy can neither be produced nor be destroyed but it can be transformed into one form to another form.
Here in the process of Yagya are involved two biggest energies i.e. sound (as Vedic hymns) and heat (as kindled in Yajna Kund) which transform the energy from one form to another beneficial energy which is for the physical, psychological and spiritual well being of human.
Some benefits are as below-

The aroma of Yajna– it can be sensed from a significant distance because of heat in Yajna helps in the diffusion of vaporized particles into our surroundings.
Yajna Kund architecture-pyramid- is structurally the strongest shape in the world, and studies show that the center of the pyramid is the source of energy. The Yajna Kund is also formed in that particular way as the center of it is lightened as the energy source.
Clarified butter (ghee)- ghee is natural combustion fuel to anything that made of hydrocarbons, it helps to keep the fire lightened.

Environmental purification- scientists proved that the place where Yajna is performed regularly, physical ailments, sickness, and diseases occur
less commonly in that place.

Sanskrit- all the words from Sanskrit contain some sort of vibrations and set a harmonious pattern to the sound wave constitute a great amount of energy. For example, chanting Gayatri Mantra can produce more than 10000 sound waves per second.
Fumigation– complex hydrocarbon combustion leads to formaldehyde and formalin production in the environment which is lethal to bacterial cells and it is a natural disinfectant.

Yajna teaches us 3 important things which are very practical in daily life
To contact with super soul– Yajna is the medium to seek God’s mercy and their blessings.

The habit of donation– “इदं न मम” (idam na mama) simply means is “it is not mine”. At the end of all offerings, the words are chanted as idam na mama. This teaches a man is that nothing
in this world belongs to himself or herself.

The notorious nature of life– the end for everyone is the same; no matter who you are or what you have, at the end of your life, you will not be more than a handful of ashes. Yajna reminds us that no matter how high or how hot the
Yajna fire is, at the and it will become a pile of ashes.
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Leo Szilard, an almost unknown scientist in today's times, made some surprising important contributions to science and society. Give in ur 10 mins to this thread bcoz ur mind is about to be blown.


Szilard owned the patent on the atomic bomb - ( Pause for a minute and let that last statement sink in - there was a patent on the atomic bomb and this man owned it. The neutron was discovered in 1932 by James Chadwick and soon after, Szilard invented


and patented the idea of a neutron based nuclear chain reaction in 1933-34, which also describes the resulting explosion.

In his university days, Szilard took courses from Einstein, who also highly praised Szilard's doctoral thesis.


In the late 1920s, they worked together to develop refrigerators with no moving parts and they shared a few patents on those. Yes - Einstein had patents on refrigerators. Unfortunately, these refrigerators never became a commercial success,


though a form of such refrigerators are still used today in nuclear power plants. Einstein and Szilard were very good friends throughout their lives. After discovery of fission in 1938,


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MDZS is laden with buddhist references. As a South Asian person, and history buff, it is so interesting to see how Buddhism, which originated from India, migrated, flourished & changed in the context of China. Here's some research (🙏🏼 @starkjeon for CN insight + citations)

1. LWJ’s sword Bichen ‘is likely an abbreviation for the term 躲避红尘 (duǒ bì hóng chén), which can be translated as such: 躲避: shunning or hiding away from 红尘 (worldly affairs; which is a buddhist teaching.) ( (abbrev. TWX)

2. Sandu (三 毒), Jiang Cheng’s sword, refers to the three poisons (triviṣa) in Buddhism; desire (kāma-taṇhā), delusion (bhava-taṇhā) and hatred (vibhava-taṇhā).

These 3 poisons represent the roots of craving (tanha) and are the cause of Dukkha (suffering, pain) and thus result in rebirth.

Interesting that MXTX used this name for one of the characters who suffers, arguably, the worst of these three emotions.

3. The Qian kun purse “乾坤袋 (qián kūn dài) – can be called “Heaven and Earth” Pouch. In Buddhism, Maitreya (मैत्रेय) owns this to store items. It was believed that there was a mythical space inside the bag that could absorb the world.” (TWX)

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3/ It's why the Saudis *say* he's in their pocket. It's why emoluments and federal bribery statutes matter. It's why Kushner was talking to the Saudi Crown Prince the day before the murdered Washington Post journalist was taken. It's why the Trump administration now does nothing.