A boy was born in Pottipadu, a little-known village in Cuddapah district in Andhra Pradesh some 109 years ago. The village school taught only epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Bhagavatam.

The teacher told the children how to lead a righteous life. They were advised to get by heart the truths contained in our ancient works.

The boy, Nagi Reddi, later moved to Madras (now Chennai), where he attended a regular school for a few years. Before he could complete
his studies, he was called upon to join the family export business. As a youth, he was drawn to the country's fight for independence. He got involved in the Khadi movement. But his presence was required in Burma (now Myanmar) to look after the business.
However, the business suffered huge losses during the
Second World War, and he had to start life afresh. He established a printing press which led to his publishing venture. He launched Andhra Jyothi, a socio-political magazine.
This venture brought about his close association with Shri Chakrapani, a writer of repute. Between the two of them they visualised a magazine that would entertain and educate the children of India speaking different language. It was a bold idea .
And Chandamama was born a month before India became free.
His next activities were film production and medicare. He established the Vijaya - Vauhini Studios, the largest in Asia, and started two hospitals -Vijaya Hospital and Vijaya Health Centre—in Madras.
Shri Nagi Reddi was noted for his hardwork, simplicity and humility. All through his life, he was influenced by our ancient scriptures in whatever he did, whatever he spoke. He was the recipient of several Awards and Honours, from the printing, publishing and film industries,
and Honorary Doctorates (D.Litt) from two universities in Andhra Pradesh.

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Recently, the @CNIL issued a decision regarding the GDPR compliance of an unknown French adtech company named "Vectaury". It may seem like small fry, but the decision has potential wide-ranging impacts for Google, the IAB framework, and today's adtech. It's thread time! 👇

It's all in French, but if you're up for it you can read:
• Their blog post (lacks the most interesting details):
• Their high-level legal decision:
• The full notification:

I've read it so you needn't!

Vectaury was collecting geolocation data in order to create profiles (eg. people who often go to this or that type of shop) so as to power ad targeting. They operate through embedded SDKs and ad bidding, making them invisible to users.

The @CNIL notes that profiling based off of geolocation presents particular risks since it reveals people's movements and habits. As risky, the processing requires consent — this will be the heart of their assessment.

Interesting point: they justify the decision in part because of how many people COULD be targeted in this way (rather than how many have — though they note that too). Because it's on a phone, and many have phones, it is considered large-scale processing no matter what.