I often see such kind of images floating around & with wrong info about Bhagwan Krishna.

So lets start with Gokul..

Some people are of the view that 'gopi chirharan leela' was vulgar and obscene.People forget that Krishna stayed at Gokul for merely eleven years. This leela possibly must have been done when he must be eight or nine. How could gestures of a child can be obscene.
Rishi's and saints have used such words in their scriptures for centuries but we in this modern world are taking their present day meaning without considering the inner nuances of those words.
Such words were used to make us aware about the pure bhakti which according to them was that there should be no barrier between Parmatma and devotee.Spiritualists believe that Krishna is ATMA and gopis are VRITI(वृत्ति).
Once the cover of VRITI or attitude is destroyed that is Chirharan and finally when they surrender themselves to the Atma(Krishna) that is 'Raas'.

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