1)Atomic Habits
2)Deep Work
3)The Almanack of @naval Ravikant
5)Can't Hurt Me
6)The Psychology of Money
7)Think Like A Monk
8)Steve Jobs
9)A Calendar of Wisdom
10)On the shortness of Life
11)Do Epic Shit
12)12 Rules For Life
13)Man's Search For Meaning
14)A Short History of Nearly Everything
15)The Four Agreements
16)The Power of Habit
17)21 Lessons for 21st Century
18)Homo Deus
20)War and Peace
22)The Lessons of History
23)The Power of Now
24)I Will Teach you to be rich
26)Autobiography of Yogi
27)Leonardo da Vinci
28)Benjamin Franklin
29)Why We Sleep
30)5 am club
31)Built to Serve
32)The Go Giver
34)Ego is the enemy
35)Stillness is the key
36)Lives of the stoics
38)The Everything Store
39)Measure what Matters
40)Everything is f
41)Crime and Punishment
42)Talk Like Ted
43)Who Moved my Cheese?
44)Beyond Order
45)The Dip
47)The Rational Optimist
48)48 Laws of Power
49)Compound Effect
50)Beyond Good And Evil
51)Richest Man In Babylon
52)subtle art of not giving a
53)Rich Dad Poor Dad
54)Laws of Human Nature
55)Power of Your Subconscious Mind
56)Kafka on the shore
57)Your Next Five Moves
58)Lean Startup
59)A Brief History of Time
61)The Art of War
62)Thinking fast and slow
63)Fooled by Randomness
64)The Hard Thing about Hard Things
65)Never Split The Difference
67)The Story of Philosophy
68)The Black Swann
71)How To Win Friends and Influence People
72)Leaders Eat Last
73)The Fault in our stars
74)The Art of Thinking Clearly
75)Shoe Dog
77)The Innovators Dilemma
79)Digital Minimalism
80)The Third Door
82)High Performance Habits
83)The War of Art
85)Skin in the game
87)The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
88)Reality is not what it seems
89)All Marketers Tell Stories
90)4 Hour Workweek
91)Money Master the Game
95)When Breath becomes air
96)How to change your mind
97)The Daily Stoic
98)The Great Gatsby
99)Tuesdays with Morrie
100)Letters from a stoic

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