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If you want to get rich and live your best life...

10 threads to make you healthy, wealthy, and wise:

1/ Learn a bit of psychology to better understand yourself.

Not from me. From a doctor.

@dremilyanhalt breaks down psych concepts to help you name your feelings and

2/ Define what self-care is to you.

Practice it. Often.

Incredible life lessons from mom, marketing executive, and CEO @AmandaMGoetz.

This thread will blow your mind.

3/ Know your worth.

Pay attention to red flags in business. Stand up for yourself when it's time.

No one knows this better than founder, executive, and influencer marketer,

4/ If you want to get rich, be willing to think outside the box.

Consider unsexy, cash-flowing small businesses.

@Codie_Sanchez is the expert in this and she writes a killer newsletter on building