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"Intraday Banknifty Strangle based on OI data"

(System already shared, today just share few examples)

-Trade timing after 9:45

-Check Banknifty change in OI data at 9:45, and identify the highest OI built up in call side and put side

-We will sell both strikes with combined premium as SL on both legs.
28th June 2021

BN open-35440
At 9:45 trading at 35350
Highest OI in call side at 35500 CE and 35000 at put side
Strike selection 35500 CE- 35000 PE
29th June 2021

BN open-35323

At 9:45 trading at 35112

Highest OI in call side at 35300 CE and 35000 at put side

Strike selection 35300 CE (232) - 35000 PE (150) Combined premium 382 , Both legs SL 382
30th June 2021

BN open-35030

At 9:45 trading at 35002

Highest OI in call side at 35000 CE and 35000 at put side

Strike selection 35000 CE(176)- 35000 PE(213) Combined premium 389 , Both legs SL 389
01st July 2021

BN open-34832

At 9:45 trading at 34831

Highest OI in call side at 35000 CE and 34500 PE

Strike selection 35000 CE (42)- 34500 PE (23), Combined premium 66 , Both legs SL 66
02nd July 2021

BN open-34790

At 9:45 trading at 34740

Highest OI in call side at 35000 CE and 34500 PE

Strike selection 35000 CE (196)- 34500 PE (225) Combined premium 421 , Both legs SL 421

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Today I am sharing how I will filter out the stock for intraday trade,

This strategy is called "NR21-VWAP" trading,

For filtering the stock I will use NR21 + Inside bar theory (its a very old but popular theory),

Filtering stock used below screener end of the day


You have to do homework at the end of the day, Run the screener and List out the stock in this screener, hardly 3-4 stock in the list,

Next day trading, Just open chart 15 min TF,
Add VWAP and Volume indicator in Chart,


Buy setup:
If stock price move above VWAP and with high volume then trade activated above VWAP,

SL is trade trigger candle Low,
Sell Setup:
price move below VWAP with volume than trade activated.
SL is high of that candle

Volume indicator,

Open the chart and see the volume of last ten to fifteen 15 Min TF candle volume compare with a current candle if the volume is more than triple then our trade is right,


Eg. Yesterday filtered stock attached,

See the example of BERGEPAINT,

Trade activated at 532.27 and SL 527, Closing price 555

Profit booking criteria, I believe in 1:2 RR, if 5 point SL then I will book 10 point profit,

If you Like kindly RETWEET to reach maximum trader,

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12 TRADING SETUPS used by professional traders:🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

Here's what you'll learn in this thread:

1. Capture Overnight Theta Decay
2. Trading Opening Range Breakouts
3. Reversal Trading Setups
4. Selling strangles and straddles in Bank Nifty
6. NR4 + IB
7. NR 21-Vwap Strategy

Let's dive in ↓

1/ STBT option Selling (Positional Setup):

The setup uses price action to sell options for overnight theta decay.

Check Bank Nifty at 3:15 everyday.

Sell directional credit spreads with capped

@jigspatel1988 2/ Selling Strangles in Bank Nifty based on Open Interest Data

Don't trade till 9:45 Am.

Identify the highest OI on puts and calls.

Check combined premium and put a stop on individual

@jigspatel1988 3/ Open Drive (Intraday)

This is an opening range breakout setup with a few conditions.

To be used when the market opens above yesterday's day high

or Below yesterday's day's

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