1) The Great Wall of China. What would you say if I told you Genghis Khan was/is a Dark Actor in this game.
So then...who really built the Great Wall of China?
Is there ANYTHING we haven't been lied to about?
Let's move on to some evidence!

3) What part of "society has taught you nothing but lies" did you not understand?
4) Look at this pic. The left side is China. The right side is Russia. See the gun slits? That is where the (haha) Chinese were to shoot from at, uh, China? LMFAO!!!
5) The only real proof needed is to look at the "gun slits" on the wall and SEE which way they're facing. DIABOLICAL!!!

6) There is info out there that wants you to THINK Khan was a defender of the Tartarian Empire. At a time when the technology FAR EXCEEDED current day "digital trash tech." He supposedly allowed many merchants of different races to operate with his protection.
7) He would rule his nation wide and strong. Building upon Nomadic Life he conquered all the realms.
8) While we're at it let's look at what Ra had to say about Genghis Khan~
11.13 Questioner: Who went to the Orion group?
Ra: I am Ra. The one known as Genghis Khan.
11.14 Questioner: What does he presently do there? What is his job or occupation? What does he do?
9) Ra: I am Ra. This entity serves the Creator in its own way.
11.15 Questioner: Is it impossible for you to tell us precisely how he does this service?
Ra: I am Ra. It is possible for us to speak to this query.
However, we use any chance we may have to reiterate the basic
10) understanding/learning that all beings serve the Creator.
The one you speak of as Genghis Khan, at present, is incarnate in a physical light body which has the work of disseminating material of thought control to those who are what you may call crusaders.
11) He is, as you would term this entity, a shipping clerk.
11.16 Questioner: What do the crusaders do?
Ra: I am Ra. The crusaders move in their chariots to conquer planetary mind/body/spirit social complexes before they reach the stage of achieving social memory.
12) It appears that Khan was a self serving negative entity. He even graduated (Ascended) to a Higher Density as a Negative Being. Damn! There goes the Khan's a good guy idea! haha
Note: Law Of One ~ https://t.co/yi2ZGB2Sc6
~~~THE END~~~
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