Most environmental thinking is ripping off or erasing Indigenous and/or non-western peoples and cosmologies in one way or another and it’s tiring to watch this be so normalized in western scholarship. If you don’t have Indigenous people on your environmental panel, it is violence

Indigenous peoples represent 5% of earth’s human population but protect 80% of earth’s biodiversity (UN). Indigenous environmental defenders are frequently murdered for work protecting lands/waters/atmospheres. Indigenous cosmologies/onto-epistemologies are vital, radical.
Indigenous peoples exist in every human inhabited continent. Indigenous peoples represent what Mbuto Milando called ‘the 4th world’ (of non-dominant cosmologies) which Secwepemc thinker George Manuel theorized about. This UN definition is helpful (& inclusive, not exclusive):
The focus on dominance is helpful in identifying local+international power structures — Indigenous groups represent non-dominant cosmologies, onto-epistemologies that relate to lands/waters/atmospheres. But remember that Indigenous peoples dispossessed carry cosmologies with them
So also remember that work that @MaiaLButler does with Edwidge Danticat’s concept of ‘floating homelands’ is important node of thinking about Indigenous cosmologies, the 4th world. Non-dominant knowledge about being in/relating to the earth includes those dispossessed from
In summary: if environmental work doesn’t consider intersections of power, white supremacy, imperialism, capital, colonialism, patriarchy — & if it recreates Indigenous/4th world/non-dominant cosmologies without credit, it’s eco-fascism & furthers genocide of Indigenous societies
For further thinking, please check out the work of Yvonne Sherwood, who works with Milando and Manuel’s concept of the 4th world. And check out Indigenous scholars/activists working in global south, too!

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Rush Catalog
Emotion Detector (1985, Power Windows)
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When we lift the covers from our feelings
We expose our insecure spots
Trust is just as rare as devotion —
Forgive us our cynical thoughts
If we need too much attention —
Not content with being cool
We must throw ourselves wide open
And start acting like a fool

If we need too much approval
Then the cuts can seem too cruel

Right to the heart of the matter
Right to the beautiful part
Illusions are painfully shattered
Right where discovery starts
In the secret wells of emotion
Buried deep in our hearts

It’s true that love can change us
But never quite enough
Sometimes we are too tender
Sometimes we’re too tough
If we get too much attention
It gets hard to overrule
So often fragile power turns
To scorn and ridicule
Sometimes our big splashes
Are just ripples in the pool

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