1) A generation of students were ruined by communist propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s. They went on to become naxals, and communist ideologues. Most of their lives were ruined, and with little support system in place, most of their families were also ruined completely.

2) Now, a few naxals/ideologues did manage to go abroad, secure nice, cushy positions for themselves, and become anti-India/anti-Hindu bigots from their overseas sinecures. But these were the exception, not the norm. Most naxals faced police ruthlessness and were ruined.
3) Is this a career to recommend to kids? That they can be the lucky 1 in a thousand who will catch the eye of some politically powerful figure in the west, who can/will sponsor their entry into the western system? Western humanities graduates are themselves without jobs now!
4) It is like claiming that someone should drop out of college and become Bill Gates! Sure, there have been Bill Gateses who became multi-billionaires after dropping out of college. But most college drop outs went on to become ruined, or are working low paying jobs today!
5) For those dreaming that they will find a western sponsor who will facilitate their entry into the western system, wake up, please! There isn't a lot of hope for you getting lucky, when western humanities graduates themselves have few skills and fewer jobs.
6) Western outrage mobs are mostly made up of humanities graduates with no jobs. They are the [western] BA-pass characters, with few marketable skills, and fewer prospects in life of coming up ever. So, they do outrageous things in the hope of catching the eye of powerful people.
7) In a sense, western outrage culture is the same as jihadi culture. The lower born lot have to take more and more outrageous risks to rise up in the dog-eat-dog left-liberal world. A few get lucky. Most end up dead or ruined. The rich and powerful rise on their corpses.
8) It seems a recurring phenomenon. There was a similar generation just before/during WW1, when a lot of middle class kids got ruined on the alter of Communism. There was another generation in the 1960s-70s. Now, it seems another such generation is building up.
9) Those that rose up during this generation were either very lucky [ala Munzenberg] or more likely, the well connected elites, who let the idiots die for them [ala Nehrus, Sartres, etc]. These champagne socialists rose on the corpses of idiots, same as current western liberals.
10) So, for any wannabe `activist', let the lives of the ruined Naxals of the previous generation be a template. You are a hundred times more likely to get ruined than to get lucky in this dog-eat-dog leftist political world. No one will save you or care for you.
11) You have a responsibility to yourself, to your family and your society. In the end, if you ruin yourselves with your leftist activism, do you want to end up as a burden to everyone? Is that the life you contemplate for yourself? A loser and wastrel that battens on family?

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Tip from the Monkey
Pangolins, September 2019 and PLA are the key to this mystery
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3. Yigang Tong
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