Act of 1871
This is Long but it will end with a BOOM

With no constitutional authority to do so, Congress created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, a ten-mile square parcel of land (see, Acts of the Forty-first Congress,”

Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).
The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests (international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers
and neck of America.
Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their
foot in the door of the United States.
The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin.
With the Act of 1871, the organic Constitution was defaced — in effect vandalized and sabotage — when the title was capitalized and the word “for” was changed to “of” in the title.
It operates in an economic capacity and has been used to fool the People into unknowingly becoming indentured and indebted to the new corporation, THE UNITED STATES, and that it governs the Republic. It does not!
Capitalization is NOT insignificant when one is referring to a legal document.
Capitalization is NOT insignificant when one is referring to a legal document. This seemingly “minor” alteration has had a major impact on every subsequent generation of Americans.
The TL; DR version is they, by military force, and illegitimate legislature, amended the constitution against the will of The People and legally tricked us into becoming unwitting indentured slaves of human capital and resources to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the corporation)
2. Republic vs Democracy
-They needed to get away from the Republic and create a Democracy in order to drive us towards socialism and inevitably a dictatorship (National Socialist Party aka NAZI)
-USA Military Flag (regular red white and blue)
-USA Civil Flag vertical stripes
-THE USA Corporation Flag (Gold Fringe)
- Some say it is a flag of Admiralty/Maritime type jurisdiction and is not supposed to be used on Land. Others say it’s not a flag at all, but fiction.
However, the gold fringe which surrounds the flag gives notice that the American flag has been captured and is now being used by the corporate so-called government to give notice of its jurisdiction.
- The flag shown above is Not described in Title 4 of USC and therefore is
illegal on land except for maybe (1) the President since he is in charge of Naval Forces on high seas, & (2) naval offices & yards.

The so-called justification for a Naval/Maritime flag to b on land is that all land was under the high water mark at 1 time even if it was eons ago
Medium of Exchange
-Used to be Gold and Silver
-now we play with paper and digital money, that is basically a grandiose IOU created out of thin air, that the bankers collect back with interest, all designed to further the wealth disparity between the elite and The People.
Debt with interest is a system of perpetual debt continually passed on to the people beneath until the debt gap consumes all but those who own the debt.
Sovereigns vs SUBJECTS
- Look at the name on Driver's Licenses, Social Security cards, Credit Cards, Deeds, Bank Accounts, etc.
>>name in ALL CAPS, isn’t it?
-Your birth certificate has your footprint on it before it touches the land.
>>you are thereby a corporate government
asset before you even knew what happened, signed off by your mother (unknowingly yet knowingly) thereby getting past the universal law of “free will”

We “freed slaves” by making “everyone (unwitting) debt slaves to the Corporation” by claiming we are all CITIZENS
instead of SOVEREIGNS in the 14th Amendment.
So now that the Corporation has been bankrupt since 1997. We no longer owe any debt of anything & Trump has put NESARA in place which over throws their Corporation & finally make it null & void like it should have been since 1997... Which means by March 4th Trump has to be sworn
All I keep thinking about right now is Biden saying we have a "dark winter" ahead... March 20th Spring Starts...and it also starts Aries (Ram) March 21.. Which is also the Sun and LIGHT!!! Everything is connected and bright future ahead!

😁 just saying I am a Aries 😁
God Wins! Pray and give ur all to God pray like you never have before.. Center and balance your life... We have to get threw this "dark winter" to get to the Light. Bunker down ride it out.. I know it's going to be hard.. But you got this ❤
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