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Here’s a thread about The Black Tom explosion: a terrorist attack on American soil and major event in US history. However, no one has heard of it and I believe it’s proof that our timeline may be changing.

On July 30th, 1916, in Jersey City, German agents destroyed American ammunition supplies by setting them on fire. The incident is famous for causing damage to the Statue of Liberty.
The fires caused the ammunition supplies to explode, lodging fragments in buildings miles away including the Statue of Liberty and the clock tower of The Jersey Journal, stopping the clock at 2:12 am.
The explosion caused windows to shatter as far as 25 miles away, including thousands in lower Manhattan. Some window panes in Times Square were shattered. Even stained glass windows in St. Patrick's Church were destroyed.
The explosion was so strong is registered as a 5.5 earthquake on the Richter scale. It could be felt as far away as Philadelphia. The explosion cracked the outer wall of Jersey City's City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge was shaken. People as far away as Maryland were woken up.
7 people were killed and hundreds more injured. By today’s standards, the explosion caused over 450 million dollars in damage. Damage to the Statue of Liberty costed over 2 million. The skirt and torch were badly disfigured. You’d think we would’ve learned about this in school?
Ever since the Black Tom explosion, the Statue of Liberty’s torch has been closed to the public. This event is literally the reason we can’t go inside it anymore. This is what leads me to believe some time travelers have fucked up our timeline.
Many people claim that they remember the torch being open to the public. However, anytime someone has tried going, there was always something that prevented them - such as being closed for the day due to construction or maintenance.
Some people remember a different story all together. Some claim that a few years back someone fell off the torch and died, and that’s why it’s closed. But even more creepy, some people claim to remember going there - despite it being closed for over 100 years.
People have even taken pictures from the torch.. are they fake? Did they sneak up there illegally? The accounts who posted these pictures look really creepy. Maybe time travelers?
Idk what’s going on but I’ll add to this thread as I do more research. But what do you think? Have you ever been to the torch? Have you ever heard of the Black Tom explosion?
I kind of already said this but this was the first terrorist attack on American soil ever in history. It blows my mind nobody knows about this and it wasn’t in text books.
More proof our timeline has been messed up? There’s now a Great Wall of India I never heard of, there’s never been an ice cap on the North Pole, White Out has always been Wite Out?? Doesn’t even look right.
Also apparently we’ve always had 666 cough medicine? Never heard of that either, you’d think with a name like that I would’ve. You can still find it on Amazon, but strangely enough there’s never any actually in stock..
Like I said I’m going to keep adding to this as I do research. Anyways, if time travel is fucking up our timeline, are there already time machines on Earth today? Some people believe so, in a place called CERN. It kind of looks like a portal. I know this shit sounds too sci fi.
CERN is a massive underground laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, and actually where the World Wide Web was created. The machine you see in the previous tweet is a particle accelerator.
Basically the scientists use this machine to smash atoms together at near light speed, attempting to create the conditions present right after the Big Bang. By doing this they hope to learn more about the origins of the universe and other dimensions.
The scientists also hope to find other things, such as anti matter, mini black holes, and subatomic particles like the Higgs Boson or ‘God particle’. However, some scientists, like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen fucking Hawking, have warned this could be very very dangerous.
Neil deGrasse Tyson says this machine could destroy the earth. Stephen Hawking warned that even worse, this machine could destroy the universe.
Why are they creating black holes and anti matter? This shits dangerous, and they didn’t even check if any of us were okay with that. Are they trying to destroy the universe? I don’t know, but this place is creepy.
In the very front of the facility is a statue of Shiva, the fucking Destroyer God. She’s inside of a portal looking thing doing her Dance of Destruction! Why would they want this symbolism outside? Now look at the CERN logo, it’s 666. Now that may seem like a stretch but look..
A security camera caught this on tape... what does that look like to you? Idk maybe a Satanic ritual? And the name CERN, cold it be short for Cernunnos, the name of the Celtic “horned god” of the underworld?
The CERN facility was also built on top of the old ruins of an ancient temple, the temple of Apollo. During Roman times, people believed this temple to be a gateway to the underworld.
Now look at this bible verse about the end of TIME:
Revelation 9:11 “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon (that is, The Destroyer).
Apollo? Apollyon? Shiva? The Destroyer? A bottomless pit? Black holes? I know this shit is getting way too crazy, and I kindof got off topic on time travel for a sec, but this rabbit hole goes so deep. What if all of this is linked to #stayedaway and #april18th somehow?
Some people believe the world did end in 2012 and CERN did destroy the universe. We just didn’t notice, and we were moved over to a slightly different parallel universe, a timeline where the Earth survived. Interesting theory, but I don’t know.
I’ve got shit to do so I can’t write anymore right now, but there is a lot more I learned I still want to get into that gets back into the time travel aspect of all this. I’m going to talk about quantum computers, a new technology that uses parallel universes to compute faster.
But yeah CERN is a fucking portal to hell and also somehow a time machine. Stay tuned if you enjoy getting no sleep and being made fun of for being a conspiracy theorist.
Okay, so quantum computers. Like I said before they are a new technology that literally uses parallel universes to compute faster. Normal computers use 1s and 0s to compute, but a quantum computer uses quantum bits which can be a 1, a 0, or both all at the same time...
Currently, there are only two quantum computers. They were created by D-Wave Systems and funded by Google and other investors. Other investors include Jeff Bezos and Steve Jurvetson, who sits on the boards of SpaceX and Tesla.
These computers find the points at which two parallel universes or timelines overlap. These intersections are where the quantum bits, or Q bits, exist. They then tap into these points to pull information from them. Perhaps history seeming to change is a side effect of this?
Did scientists hack reality? I don’t know. But as you can see in the post above, these computers resemble massive black cubes. As if things couldn’t get more fucked up, black cubes throughout ancient history up until today have been symbolic of TIME.
Where else have a we seen a time cube? Try every movie made within the last couple years. They usually call it a tesseract, which is just a four dimensional cube, the fourth dimension being time. (Pictures from: Interstellar, The Avengers, Transformers)
The black cube was also called the cube of Saturn. To the ancients, Saturn was the god of time. Saturn went by many names, El, Father Time, Chronos. He was depicted as the grim reaper, or an old man who ate his own babies - showing us how time creates us and destroys us.
Where is this all going? I think I kind of figured it out, but I have to go again.
So anyways, back to Chronos the Timelord and the Black Cube of Saturn. Why is Saturn associated with this cube? Well.. Saturn’s North Pole has something weird going on.. there’s a storm in the shape of a hexagram. And a hexagram is a 2D cube.
Hexagrams have 6 sides, Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, and Saturn-day is the 6th day of the week. Saturday, for Satanists, is the black sabbath. If you haven’t caught on by now, Saturn is actually where the name Satan came from.
In the Bible we are told that we die because of “sin”. Do you remember what sin was back in math class? The sine wave? Well.. that’s actually time.. So we die because of time. Funny how a sine wave looks like a serpent.. like Satan.
Remember the Bible tells us that the root of all evil is the love of money. And, have you ever heard the phrase “Time is money”? Funny how it kind of like the sine wave or a serpent..
Back in the ancient times Saturn wasn’t just the god of time. He was THE god. He was the most powerful of all of them. Today it isn’t much different. Our alarm clocks are always telling us what to do. And if we don’t exchange our time for money, life will be pretty rough.
Now, I’m going to backtrack a little bit. Remember that storm on Saturn’s North Pole? Obviously not normal right? Storms usually form in spirals, not geometrical shapes. However, we may be able to explain it with the study of Cymatics.
Cymatics is just a word used to describe phenomena caused by vibration. Scientists placed sand on a piece of metal with a speaker near by playing certain notes. Certain notes created certain patterns in the sand.
Scientists discovered the sound each Hebrew letter makes actually creates the shape of the letter itself!But that’s kind of off topic for now. So anyways, the theory is, there’s something inside Saturn emitting a frequency, creating the hexagon on its North Pole.
Tired of coincidences yet? The frequency that makes a hexagram is that of a low frequency SINE tone.
In the movie 2001 Space Odyssey, astronauts find a black cube like structure on one of Jupiter’s moons emitting a loud screeching sound. Oh yeah it also transports them through time. Is this what’s inside Saturn?
Does anyone remember Nikola Tesla? He was a fuckin genius. He invented the AC current, the x-ray, the radio, remote controls, the electric motor, and another threads worth of other things. He even wanted to give the world free energy. But anyways here’s a quote by him to ponder.
Now I’m going to take another step back. Remember Neil deGrasse Tyson who I mentioned earlier? Well besides calling CERN a destroyer of worlds he’s also said that we may be living in a simulation. Many other prominent thinkers of the time, including Elon Musk, agree.
Yes I made those pictures on Snapchat but they are real quotes. Anyways, I’ll be back tonight.
But I hope you can start to see shit come full circle. If we’re living in a simulation, history changing could easily make sense. It’s fake anyway, maybe someone is just doing some editing.
Okay so, how do the subjects of the Saturn time cube and a simulated universe relate? If a planet as massive as Saturn is really emitting a frequency throughout our entire solar system, don’t you think that would somehow affect us?
Some theorize Saturn and it’s rings work like a massive antenna, and it’s broadcasting a fake reality at a frequency our brains naturally receive. A former NASA scientist theorizes aliens built the rings for that purpose. He published photos of a 2000 mile long UFO inside them.
So are we in the matrix? Is our universe just a cosmic “reality” tv show being broadcasted into our brain by an alien supercomputer? Well when I say it that way I sound crazy. But people have been saying this for centuries.
Ask any Buddhist and they’ll tell you this world is a simulation, but they’ll say illusion instead. Ask any Christian & they’ll tell you they aren’t of this evil world. Ask a philosopher & they’ll tell you the story of Plato’s cave. Even the Hebrews believed reality was “cubic”.
Okay, I’m going to try to wrap this up now. To recap: We live in a fake reality. The past and future are just illusions. The only real moment is now. This fake reality is the product of a frequency that has hijacked our mind.
If I asked you what the building blocks of this reality are you would probably tell me it’s atoms. However when we break down atoms into smaller parts, we find they are made of a couple smaller particles & 99.999% empty space.
When we break down those smaller particles, known as quarks and gluons, we find nothing but quanta, or waves of energy. So basically, when we look really closely at an atom, there’s no atom at all. So how do things appear solid?
Scientists have discovered electrons don’t technically exist until we observe them.. sounds weird I know. This is a whole other lesson in quantum physics, but you can get a good idea of what I mean by reading about the famous “double slit experiment” in the picture I posted below
At the smallest level of reality is nothing but a field of energy, and here, electrons blip in and out of existence all the time. This scares scientists because what happens here is unpredictable, and nothing seems to make sense.
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is the limit to which we can predict where electrons will blip in and out of existence. Weirdly enough, the symbol used in the equation.. is the symbol for Saturn. Does Saturn determine limits in our reality?
This field of energy represents probability. In this field all possible universes and timelines coexist at once. A good way of explaining this is using the “Schrödinger’s Cat” thought experiment.
Imagine you have a closed box with a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source inside. If the flask senses any radioactivity, it breaks open, killing the cat. Since all probabilities exist at once, the cat is both alive and dead until you open the box and observe it.
Ever since the discovery that electrons don’t exist until we observe them, scientists also discovered that the observer plays an important role in which probability actually happens. Our thoughts have frequencies, and those frequencies can affect reality.
Perhaps this is why the matrix has to bombard us with a very overwhelming frequency? Anyways, whatever we expect to happen in an experiment actually affects the outcome. Our emotions and words can also affect the outcomes of experiments.
Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that prayers, words, and music actually have a physical affect on the way water crystallizes.
You can actually do experiments like this for yourself at home. Plants that are treated with love and talked to actually grow better. Cooked rice will even stay better longer with positive energy projected onto it.
Now if humans are 65% water, and we’re being subjected to some satanic frequency, imagine what that’s doing to us. I also believe the Saturn frequency is keeping us trapped in a certain bandwidth. Our brains can only perceive less than literally 99.999% of the light spectrum.
We aren’t even seeing 1% of what this infinite universe has to offer. It’s like we’re in jail here. But now knowing what we just learned about words and thoughts, we also have the power to win this fucked up game.
Buddhists tell us the sound of creation is Om. Egyptians told us this universe is a song. In the Bible we are told God created the world through his word, and as his children we can do the same.
If we want to create a good life, we can start by saying good things to ourselves and others. If we want to create a world, we can write a story. Words have power. They are like magic. Why do you think we SPELL them?
We do not know the power we hold. This is why we are encouraged to use CURSE words and constantly curse ourselves. We say “bro I just wanna die” “I’m so stupid” “I can’t”. We talk about how the worlds fucked. We do all this without realizing what we‘re creating.
Most of all, we talk about nothing. We’re all brainwashed into talking about whatever horrible shit the news has to say, or what Trump said, or what Twitter said, or what Kim Kardashian said, all the while giving the world more power over our minds.
I’m still trying to wrap this up I promise, but I didn’t want to just go down this rabbit hole for no reason. I didn’t want to make people scared or lose their minds. All things hold a lesson, and while ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power.
I wanted there to be a purpose behind doing all this research. I wanted to figure out a way I could grab peoples attention and somehow help them to better their lives. If any of this makes sense, then it only makes sense to start changing your life NOW. There is no other time.
There may be spooky Mandela effects, demons and aliens, but don’t let it scare you. You have the power. This world is fake anyway remember? It’s just a dream, so wake up and start creating. It can be fun here. Learn the rules of this game and play it better than anyone.
So yes, to close, scientists or aliens or whatever may be hacking our reality and messing with time, and this whole reality could be some prison matrix for the soul, but that’s not really important. Whether it’s real or not, it feels real.
The more attention we give to the evil in this world, the more power we give to it and take away from ourselves. If we put our minds to it I’m sure we could learn to change history too, but we shouldn’t be worried about that when we all have the power to create an amazing future.

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