1. Last NYE was a quiet one for @AmyMcLellan2 & I, after a busy year writing and helping @DavidHHeadley and @LizzieCurle organise @CapitalCrime1

Someone I follow on Twitter shared this story, and we jokingly said we hoped it wouldn’t be another SARS.

2. A few days later, after watching social media footage coming out of Wuhan, I went for a meeting to plan Capital Crime 2021, and said it was likely we’d have to cancel the festival because of the emerging pandemic. My partners in crime looked at me as though I was unhinged.
3. As the situation worsened, I reconnected with people I knew from my previous life working as a consultant to the medical industry, and it became clear we were witnessing the start of a pandemic.
4. Knowing something about the history of pandemics, I was aware that early intervention, and quick and decisive action were essential. I was asked to write a report for Matt Hancock on the risks of reinfection and long-term ill health caused by coronaviruses.
5. Knowing the public health and economic costs of a pandemic, I joined people like @DrEricDing trying to raise the alarm in February, calling for decisive government action. In the report sent to Hancock, I recommended a 4-week precautionary border closure and lockdown...
6. ...to stop transmission while a robust test, trace and isolate system was established. Basically New Zealand. SARS & MERS suggested the new coronavirus would leave a trail of long-term illness in its wake & based on endemic HCoVs, reinfection was a possibility.
7. @Sir_David_King was complimentary about what I’d written, but when another scientist said, “Why would we inflict a 4-week, 50% reduction in GDP for the flu?”, as this thread highlights, I knew our national response would be directed at tackling the wrong virus. https://t.co/PatwQu233F
8. @Tim_R_Dawson saw some of my alarming tweets and asked me to write an article for @FMConservatives based on the report. This was published on 1st March.

9. Much of my 2020 was then spent trying to combat #COVID19 misinformation and raise awareness of how the government’s flawed policies could be improved.
10. Over the course of the year I’ve got to know some genuine experts, whose advocacy has been inspiring. @BillHanage has been generous with his time and insight. @dgurdasani1 is an amazing scientist and communicator. She wrangled the John Snow Memo authors...
11. ...and has been a tireless advocate for a better public health response to the pandemic. @Dr2NisreenAlwan has been a voice for those suffering from #LongCovid All of the John Snow Memo authors are worth following.
12. @florian_krammer @AliNouriPhD @EckerleIsabella @GYamey @DebbyBogaert @theresphysics @eyejosh @bealelab @devisridhar @HZiauddeen - all working tirelessly to help us better understand #COVID19 and meet the challenge it poses. Full list of authors here:

13. I’ve been vocal on the subject of schools because I don’t like the blind risk we’re taking with children’s health and can’t believe the government hasn’t implemented public health measures recommended by the @WHO and others to protect against transmission in schools.
14. Through this I’ve become aware of other advocates on the issue of school safety. @DrZoeHyde has been a leading voice.

And @SarahDRasmussen whose threads remind me why I love maths.
15. Parents, teachers and union representatives who are trying to make schools a safer place @HoppySaul @germanacanzi @karamballes @cyclingkev @paysupplystaff @DmodosCutter @ConcernedofBri1 @ChrisDo30828241
16. I’ve been impressed by the work @NafeezAhmed @peterjukes @BylineTimes have been doing to expose the dark underbelly of the money, shadowy networks and advisers who have tried to exploit the pandemic or minimise its impact.

17. @chrischirp @Sir_David_King @martinmckee @GabrielScally @globalhlthtwit and the other members of @IndependentSage who have given so much time and energy to try and help improve the UK pandemic response.
18. @fitterhappierAJ has been hawkish on immunity and has been proven right again and again. He’s been generous with his time and thinking.
19. And @PRussW1 has been dogged in highlighting reinfection when people were saying it was impossible. It is an important issue we still don’t know enough about.
20. @queenchristina_ @mattprescott @StefSimanowitz who’ve been generous sharing information.
21. @DrDomPimenta for his tireless communication, medical and charity work. Still in awe of your epic #COVIDIOT battles with deniers, Keto nutritionists, Gompertz curve fans and those who believed the virus had ‘gone away’.

22. @DrSimonAshworth @doctor_oxford @rupert_pearse and all the frontline NHS staff at the sharp end of this pandemic. They deserve far more than claps.
23. @mirvatermos @katemeredithp @ahandvanish @LongCovidSOS @keyeri @preshitorian and many others for being voices on the issue of #LongCovid

@itosettiMD_MBA for sharing useful info (and a sense of disbelief at how some governments are failing to respond to the pandemic).
24. And so many others who’ve shared info, insight or laughs to make 2020 a little easier.

I think we’ve all had enough of this pandemic, so I really hope our governments can get a handle on things. Half measures only make things worse & the new variant will punish inaction. https://t.co/Ou2VgaG4A5
25. And looking at the relative success of eradicators such as China, New Zealand, Vietnam, and others, we may want to revise all future pandemic plans.

26. I hope 2021 is a better year for everyone and that the day will come when we can put this all behind us.

In the meantime, stay positive, keep safe and be kind to yourself and others.
27. Almost forgot @ToryFibs and @Parents_Utd who have done a great job of sharing information on schools and exposing some of the dangerous misinformation out there.

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1. I find it remarkable that some medics and scientists aren’t raising their voices to make children as safe as possible. The comment about children being less infectious than adults is unsupported by evidence.

2. @c_drosten has talked about this extensively and @dgurdasani1 and @DrZoeHyde have repeatedly pointed out flaws in the studies which have purported to show this. Now for the other assertion: children are very rarely ill with COVID19.

3. Children seem to suffer less with acute illness, but we have no idea of the long-term impact of infection. We do know #LongCovid affects some children. @LongCovidKids now speaks for 1,500 children struggling with a wide range of long-term symptoms.

4. 1,500 children whose parents found a small campaign group. How many more are out there? We don’t know. ONS data suggests there might be many, but the issue hasn’t been studied sufficiently well or long enough for a definitive answer.

5. Some people have talked about #COVID19 being this generation’s Polio. According to US CDC, Polio resulted in inapparent infection in more than 99% of people. Severe disease occurred in a tiny fraction of those infected. Source:
1. I believe the government is about to make another huge mistake. Where is @UKLabour in all this? I have some questions @Keir_Starmer should be asking urgently. Please RT to raise awareness.

2. Where is the modelling or evidence to support a focused protection vaccination strategy? The government has chosen it as its preferred strategy but it must have considered other options. Will the government publish the data and the alternative options considered?

3. A responsible government will have modelling for 20%, 50% and 80% vaccine coverage, and projections for the number of infections, Long Covid and deaths in each scenario. Where are those models? On what basis has the government opted for the 20% scenario?

4. The government should also have modelled each of these scenarios against a backdrop of low, medium and high community transmission. What is the impact of each vaccination scenario against varying levels of community transmission?

5. There should also be some assessment of incidence of reinfection and likely evolution of variants given different levels of community transmission. What does this assessment tell us?
1. This thread has been given a new lease of life today. People keep saying, "We can't do #ZeroCovid, it doesn't fit with our way of life."

Look around.

What way of life?

The one we used to have?

The UK has been under varying degrees of restriction since March 23rd 2020.

2. Nearly a year of having our social and economic freedoms curtailed in one way or another. Nearly a year of muted economic activity. Nearly a year of mass death and disease.

#ZeroCovid doesn't fit with a way of life that doesn't exist anymore.

3. The question isn't whether it fits with our old freewheeling ways, but whether it would lead to better outcomes than the UK's current (poorly defined) strategy? Experiences in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and elsewhere very much suggest it would.

4. #ZeroCovid isn't about what's possible. It's about what's necessary. Decide what's necessary and figure out a way to make it possible. We can't force travellers to quarantine in hotels for two weeks? Why not? Taiwan does. And if that's what's necessary, why aren't we doing it?

5. I've heard some odd things said about #ZeroCovid

Simple-minded clod Matt Hancock said Zero Covid is impossible because no country has had zero cases.

Zero Covid sets out an ambition. It signals a country treats any infections as serious
1. The problem facing Europe & the US isn't a scientific one. Scientists have been clear for months: public health and economic & social wellbeing are best served by policies that supress the virus. The #JohnSnowMemo cites evidence that makes this

2. Some media commentators seek to present the issue of how to respond to the virus in simplistic terms: Lockdown vs Herd Immunity. This a mischaracterisation. The countries that have tackled #COVID-19 best have used a range of public health

3. Almost every scientist acknowledges lockdown equals failure. It is a sign governments have failed to implement the measures needed to allow life to be lived more or less as normal, without risking exponential growth in transmission.

4. There is an active misinformation campaign that is being aided and abetted by certain sections of the media and some politicians. The campaign would have us believe that if we open up and shield the vulnerable, all will be well. This approach has been derided as inhumane...

5. ...by the WHO, and ridiculous by Dr Fauci for many reasons. It is based on faulty logic, and the proponents of this approach have submitted no evidence that it can be achieved nor any practical examples of how they would do so.

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