U.S. charges political scientist Kaveh Afrasiabi with acting as an agent of #Iran's regime.


Afrasiabi is a known Tehran apologist & strongly defends the world's number one terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

"Afrasiabi was actually a secret employee of the Government of Iran & the Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN who was being paid to spread their propaganda.... he intentionally avoided registering with the Dept. of Justice as the Foreign Agents Registration Act required."
“Mr. Afrasiabi never disclosed to a congressman, journalists or others who hold roles of influence in our country that he was being paid by #Iran's gov to paint an untruthfully positive picture of the nation."

Afrasiab on CNN with Amanpour & Reza Aslan, all Iran apologists.
"For more than a decade, Mr. Afrasiabi was allegedly paid, directed & controlled by #Iran's gov to lobby U.S. gov officials, including a congressman; and to create & disseminate information favorable to the Iranian gov."

Seen here with former regime president Mohammad Khatami.
"Afrasiabi has also been secretly employed by the Iranian government and paid by Iranian diplomats assigned to the Permanent Mission of the IMUN. Afrasiabi has been paid approximately $265,000 in checks drawn on the IMUN’s official bank accounts since 2007..."
"... and has received health insurance through the IMUN’s employee health benefit plans since at least 2011."
Afrasiabi had direct contact with #Iran's Foreign Minister @JZarif, according to the U.S. Justice Department, and proposed "retaliation" following the killing of former IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani.

And we know of Zarif's very close relationship with Soleimani.
More on Afrasiabi's direct connection with Zarif & how none of his work would have been possible without support from #Iran's regime.
It is worth noting that Afrasiabi was interviewed by the likes of Asieh Namdar, a known #Iran apologist/lobbyist who has direct ties with Tehran's DC-based lobby group @NIACouncil.

Iran's regime's trust Namdar and she has been granted interviews with Zarif.
The @TheJusticeDept & the @FBI should continue their investigations into #Iran's network of apologists/lobbyists in the U.S.

Here are a few names to begin with.
[email protected] is another #Iran lobbyist in the U.S. and @Princeton has yet explained why they have hired such an individual who has a terrorist past.

See this thread
Afrasiab & Mousavian were provided a platform by @nytimes to push #Iran's talking points, calling on the West to further appease #Iran's regime & provide a list of concessions along with "recognizing the regime's rights."


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@SidneyPowell1 reflects on #Iran’s meddling in the U.S. in a recent tweet to U.S. President Donald Trump.

This thread focuses on Iran’s dangerous influence in the U.S., especially through its DC-based lobby group

Why is this important?

@DNI_Ratcliffe "told CBS News that there was foreign election interference by China, #Iran & Russia in November of this year [2020]."

All Americans should be informed about how Iran & its lobby group NIAC are meddling in the

#Iran has been increasingly aiming to interfere in U.S. elections specifically through NIAC.

DNI John Ratcliffe had previously shed light on this vital

NIAC is a lobby group in the U.S. pushing Iran’s talking points.

Listen to this Iranian regime insider explain that NIAC was established by @JZarif, the foreign minister of

@tparsi is the official founder of NIAC in the U.S.

Listen to how Trita Parsi parrots Zarif’s talking

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