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send your unpopular kpop opinions and i'll give my pov on that <3

Fan service can be so irritating at times —
Lia isn't a bad dancer —
3rd generation music is superior —
Twice is overrated —
2018 was a way better year for kpop than 2017 (in terms of music) —
Nct's without you and Go is underrated —
teumes need to get over the ot13 —
Soyeon from Gidle should have gone solo —
Lay is one of the best dancers in kpop.
go argue with the wall —
Monster is exo's best title track —
Big3 privilege exists —
Blackpink is overrated —
Fans make kpop look bad that's why people have that mindset when talking about it —
Ateez has one of the best title tracks —
Got7 has just lost the interest in what they do it seems —
Happiness was a great debut song —
anyways, that's all for now im not continuing this, too much work lmao
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