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Quantum causal loops


#loops #quantum
Large-scale commodity farming accelerating climate change in the Amazon


#ClimateChange #forest #farm
Collapsed glaciers increase Third Pole uncertainties: Downstream lakes may merge within a decade


#glacier #lakes #ClimateChange
From trash to treasure: Silicon waste finds new use in Li-ion batteries


#batteries #treasure #silicon #trash

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Hardcore Year Sep results

Goal $1000 MRR:
▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 18%

7 month passed

Details in this thread 👇

📈 Toral MRR: $185

- Sheet2Site: $127
- DarkModeList: $10
- Patreon: $48

💵 Total Gross Revenue: $445

- MacBook Alarm (Pre-sales): $65
- ProgressBarOSX: $70
- MakeOSXGreat: $30
- Sheet2Site: $220
- DarkModeList: $10
- Patreon + PayPal: $50

🎬 Made and launched a video for 🚨
https://t.co/DHOtIvITtW pre-sales

- Video views: 8800
- Sales page visits: 856
- Pre-sales: 13

I haven't done pre-sales before so was scared to do it.

Yes, I keep doing single time payment apps instead of subscription, becuase this is a bast idea at the moment. To avoid procrastination and wait, I'm making things that seem good enough to myself.