The very first section of Robson's allegations is an example of how when he realizes a certain true part of his story does not support his goals he simple changes it to a lie.

He and Joy repeatedly stated under oath that Target run the 1987 dance contest.

Wade 2005 testimony

Joy 2016 deposition
Wade 2013 Apr declaration

blacked out but it's clearly Target not MJJ Production
Wade 2013 Apr Complaint
Wade June 2013 first amended complaint
Wade Feb 2014 second amended complaint

suddenly Target vanishes and is replaced by MJJ Production

But in this second amended complaint the meet-and-greet is still described as nothing special. He only says it went well.
He is not making any allegations regarding that or the second meeting they had in the hotel.
Wade Dec 2014 third amended complaint

still no allegations regarding the meetings
Wade Sept 2016 fourth amended complaint

after he hired Finaldi and Manly

suddenly those two meetings were sexual grooming mechanism orchestrated by MJJ Prod. and MJJ Ventures even though Ventures did not even exist yet.

By the time they shot Leaving Neverland he and his mother somehow "forgot" that these meetings were "sexual grooming mechanism" and both cheerfully talked about the experience they had in 1987.
So 4 years after he first accused him suddenly he remembered that those two meetings were grooming even though MJ didn't even give them his phone number and in fact ignored their letters for two years and if it had been up to him he would have never met Wade again
Instead it was his mother who wanted the second meeting and who two yeas later called around to desperately find a way to contact him. Joy even mocked how MJ did NOT give them any contact info
So MJ's idea of procuring kids was to use his company to run a dance contest, have a short meeting with the future victim and then.....ignore him for years and just hope that they will somehow find a phone number they can use to contact him again.
The most sophisticated child procurement organization the world has ever known, indeed.

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I’ve been frustrated by the tweets I’ve seen of this as a Canadian. Because the facts are being misrepresented.

We’re not under some sort of major persecution. That’s not what this is. A thread. 1/8

This church was fined for breaking health orders in Dec. They continued to break them. So the pastor was arrested and released on conditions of... you guessed it, not breaking health orders. And then they broke the health orders. 2/8

So then he was arrested and told he couldn’t hold church services in person if he was to be released. He refused. He’s still in custody.

Here is my frustration as a Christian in Canada:

1. They were able to gather, with some conditions. They didn’t like those. 3/8

2. He is not actually unable to preach. He is just unable to hold church services because they broke the conditions given by the public health office in Alberta. He says he can’t in good conscience do that, so they are keeping him in jail (because he will break the law). 4/8

3. This is the 1st article of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: “guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” 5/8

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