Make no mistake, I abhor that prancing peacock, I really do. Just not for your reasons. His financial corruption doesn't bother me. His Islamophobia does, but only so much. His lies, again, only to an extent.

Financial corruption is as old as politics itself. Lying isn't a Modi-exclusive feature, it practically underscores Indian politics. And islamophobia? Ask yourself, is he the inventor of Islamophobia, or the product?

No, what bothers me is his mainstreaming of trash.
Men can set you on fire and livestream your death under far-from-tacit political patronage. That's what I hate Modi for.

It's a mundane reality that you'll receive threats of rape and death for merely pointing out his flaws. That's what I hate Modi for.
Academic institutions get addressed by conmen like Jaggi and Ramdev. That's what I hate Modi for.

Congregations of scientists talk about Vedic airplanes and radioactive dung with a straight face and it's elitist to call them out for it. That's what I hate Modi for.
A panwala in Bombay not only has a strong opinion on what's best for Kashmiris but also wants every one of them gunned down to uphold that opinion, even though nobody in his entire family tree has even a hint of stake in the state in question. That's what I hate Modi for.
You get assaulted for not parrotting a religious slogan, one that used to be a harmless call to the divine but now evokes terrorism. If you survive, you're arrested. If you don't, your murderer gets felicitated by a member of the government. That's what I hate Modi for.
I hate him for his selfie-obsession and his botox.

I hate him for the comic personality cult he has demanded to be built around himself, from rehearsed interviews to scripted wisecracks.

I hate Modi for sinking the discourse to '50 crore ki girlfriend' and 'Jersey calf.'
I hate him for impeaching not only his office but also my dignity as an Indian in the global community.

I hate him for making classy behavior a matter of nostalgia.

Don't worry about him being an Islamophobe, there have been those before and there will be those in future.
Sure Islamophobia bothers me. Just not the most. Corruption is a hallmark, not of politics but of our species itself. It too doesn't bother me the most. Demonetization didn't make me furious, 'ghar mein shadi hai, paise nahi hain' did.
He is crass. He is trashy. He is a rotten human being down to his bones.

And would've been so even without his corruption or islamophobia. He has to go. Even if it means someone worse (which isn't possible) replacing him.

What happens if he doesn't?

Guess who loses...
Rest assured not my kind. As a man of privilege, on every count, I will thrive through his worst. It's YOU, the unprivileged, the youth, the unemployed, the uneducated — his biggest fanbase — that won't.

Fix this country.

Not for me.

For yourself.

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Ok here is the explanation. Grab a cup of coffee and read on. If you have not read/noticed this, you will see intraday options movement in a new light.

Say we have two options, one 50 delta ATM options and another 30 delta OTM option. Normally for a 100 point move, the ATM option will move 50 points and the OTM option will move 30 points. But in a high volatile environment, the OTM option will also move nearly 50 points

To understand why this happens, first understand why an ATM option is 50 delta. An ATM option has the probability of 50% of expiring as ITM. The price just has to close a rupee above the strike for the CE to be ITM and vice versa for PEs

Now think of a highly volatile day like today. If someone is asked where the BNF will close for the day or expiry, no one can answer. BNF can close freakin anywhere, That makes every option of an equal probability of being ITM. So all options have a 50% probability of being ITM

Hence, when a huge volatile move starts, all OTM options behave like ATM options. This phenomenon was first observed in the Black Monday crash of 1987 at Wall Street, which also gave rise to the volatility skew/smirk

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