Lemme share a poem with you. It’s titled Ram and was originally composed in Urdu by a controversial Indian figure about 114 years ago. There’s 6 verses, am sharing each of them along with an English translation.

Verse 1:
labrez hai sharāb-e-haqīqat se jām-e-hind
sab falsafī haiñ ḳhitta-e-maġhrib ke rām-e-hind

Overflowing with the wine of Truth is the cup of India
All philosophers of the Western world have acknowledged India
Verse 2:
ye hindiyoñ kī fikr-e-falak-ras kā hai asar
rifat meñ āsmāñ se bhī ūñchā hai bām-e-hind

It is the result of the elegant thinking of Indians
That higher than the sky is the position of India
Verse 3:
is des meñ hue haiñ hazāroñ malak-sarisht
mashhūr jin ke dam se hai duniyā meñ nām-e-hind

This country has had many people of angelic disposition
On whose account world renowned is the name of India
Verse 4:
hai raam ke vajūd pe hindostāñ ko naaz
ahl-e-nazar samajhte haiñ is ko imām-e-hind

India is proud of the existence of Rama
Spiritual people consider him prelate of India
Verse 5:
ejaaz is charāġh-e-hidāyat kā hai yahī
raushan-tar-az-sahar hai zamāne meñ shām-e-hind

This alone is the miracle of this light of righteousness
That brighter than world’s morning is the evening of India
Verse 6:
talvār kā dhanī thā shujāat meñ fard thā
pākīzgī meñ josh-e-mohabbat meñ fard thā

He was expert in sword craft, was unique in bravery
Was matchless in piety and in the enthusiasm of love
This is part of a collection titled “Bang-e-Dara” and the exact year of composition is 1908. That’s long before the poet got involved with what came to be known as the “Pakistan Movement” as one of its ideological godfathers.

His name, Muhammad ‘Allama’ Iqbal.
Poem courtesy: @Rekhta

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