Department List of UCAS-China PROFESSORs for ANSO, CSC and UCAS (fully or partial) Scholarship Acceptance
1) UCAS School of physical sciences Professor
2) UCAS School of mathematical sciences Professor

3) UCAS School of nuclear sciences and technology
4) UCAS School of astronomy and space sciences
5) UCAS School of engineering sciences
6) Geotechnical Engineering Teaching and Research Office
7) Multi-scale Mechanics Teaching and Research Section
😎 Microgravity Science Teaching and Research Section
9) High temperature gas dynamics teaching and research section
10) Department of Biomechanics and Medical Engineering
11) Ocean Engineering Teaching and Research Section
12) Department of Dynamics and Advanced Manufacturing
13) Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering Teaching and Research Office
14) Power Machinery and Engineering Teaching and Research Section
15) Thermal Engineering Teaching and Research Section
16) Engineering Thermophysics Teaching and Research Section
17) Energy Materials and Application Teaching and Research Section
18) Energy Equipment and System Teaching and Research Section
19) Engineering Management Teaching and Research Section
20) UCAS School of artificial intelligence
21) UCAS School of chemical sciences
22) UCAS School of chemical engineering
23) UCAS College of material sciences and opto-electronic technology
24) UCAS School of optoelectronics
25) UCAS School of nanoscience and technology
26) UCAS School of future technology
27) UCAS College of earth and planetary sciences
28) UCAS College of resources and environment
29) UCAS College of life sciences
30) UCAS College of advanced agricultural sciences
31) UCAS Savaid medical school
32) UCAS School of computer science and technology
33) UCAS School of cyber security
34) UCAS School of electronic, electronical and communication engineering
35) UCAS School of microelectronics
36) UCAS School of economics and management
37) UCAS School of public policy and management
38) UCAS School of intellectual property
39) UCAS School of humanities
40) UCAS School of marxism studies
41) UCAS Arts center
42) UCAS Department of foreign languages
43) UCAS Department of psychology
Credit- Iqbal Hussain
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