An amazing new project from @bearpelican was just released: . A beautiful design; you can auto-generate a melody from chords, chords from a melody, and more.

It's technically brilliant, combining BERT, seq2seq, and Transformer XL

It's also a wonderful example of leveraging and customizing the fastai framework in a deep & thoughtful way.
Here's the full set of blog posts diving in to this project:

More from Data science

Wellll... A few weeks back I started working on a tutorial for our lab's Code Club on how to make shitty graphs. It was too dispiriting and I balked. A twitter workshop with figures and code:

Here's the code to generate the data frame. You can get the "raw" data from

Obligatory stacked bar chart that hides any sense of variation in the data

Obligatory stacked bar chart that shows all the things and yet shows absolutely nothing at the same time

STACKED Donut plot. Who doesn't want a donut? Who wouldn't want a stack of them!?! This took forever to render and looked worse than it should because coord_polar doesn't do scales="free_x".

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