A list of cool websites you might now know about

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1) Learn Anything - Search tools for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient path

2) Grad Speeches - Discover the best commencement speeches.

This website is made by me 🙈

3) What does the Internet Think - Find out what the internet thinks about anything

4) https://t.co/vuhT6jVItx - Send notes that will self-destruct after being read.
5) https://t.co/8v2AlVlDr5 - Buy cool gifts and gadgets for almost no money
6) https://t.co/XDEXddER0O - Website that makes it sounds like it's raining outside. It's amazing if you need to concentrate on studying
7) Free Online MBA - Get 20+ curated resources to learn what you would in an MBA

Made by Me and @PinglrHQ

8) https://t.co/DvcalRqpDd - For those times you need a throwaway email address. The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self destruct in 10 minutes
9) https://t.co/VGPYr81JhQ - Do you spend all your Netflix time trying to figure out which movie to watch? Problem solved
10) https://t.co/jdPejcTVDz - you'll find courses from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, etc., for free in an organized format.

Made by @Prajwxl and @krishnalohiaaa
11) https://t.co/AuXv5ErL8t - Watch documentaries for free
12) https://t.co/9B2ITMa4GU - The Useless Web is a website that's somewhat similar, except that its only goal is to show you the most pointless websites that exist on the internet.
13) https://t.co/M4lvi1D4co - If you need to know just how good or bad your internet connection is, Ookla’s Speedtest can tell you
14) https://t.co/kB63siJe3e - Enter a book you like and the site will analyze our huge database of real readers' favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.
15) https://t.co/yTRdvdUSQU - Find the technology stack of any website.
16) https://t.co/j2lBJJXvuj - Learn skills that college doesn't teach you

Made by @1997harkirat
17) https://t.co/HTtJqFbrwb

Timeless articles from the belly of the internet. Served 5 at a time

Creator: @louispereira
18) Learn to code online for free

Thank you @prannesh_54 for suggesting!
@prannesh_54 19) Relax and focus with live lofi stations

one of my fav website

20) https://t.co/P2apelwYxU - one of the coolest web page to hear random songs on random stations across the globe.

Thanks @RK_382922 for suggesting!
@RK_382922 21) A site that will search for any word you type, in many different languages, and show you YouTube clips where the word was said so you can learn the pronunciation and context in which it is used.

@RK_382922 22) https://t.co/aYtsDEMYqm - This website will self destruct
23) https://t.co/4NTsB4OzQn - A website that takes you on a drive through a city while listening to local radio stations

one of my fav website
24) https://t.co/XQuhe3aYk2 - Millions of songs on Spotify have been forgotten. Let’s give them new life in new ears – yours.
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Some more cool websites. https://t.co/92xICD17ll

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தொல்லை இரும்பிறவிச் சூழும் தளை நீக்கி
அல்லல் அறுத்து ஆனந்தம் ஆக்கியதே – எல்லை
மருவா நெறியளிக்கும் வாதவூர் எங்கோன்
திருவாசகம் என்னும் தேன்

1.எப்போது ஆரம்பித்தது என அறியப்படமுடியாத தொலை காலமாக (தொல்லை)

2. இருந்து வரும் (இரும்)

3.பிறவிப் பயணத்திலே ஆழ்த்துகின்ற (பிறவி சூழும்)

4.அறியாமையாகிய இடரை (தளை)

5.அகற்றி (நீக்கி),

6.அதன் விளைவால் சுகதுக்கமெனும் துயரங்கள் விலக (அல்லல் அறுத்து),

7.முழுநிறைவாய்த் தன்னுளே இறைவனை உணர்த்துவதே (ஆனந்த மாக்கியதே),

8.பிறந்து இறக்கும் காலவெளிகளில் (எல்லை)

9.பிணைக்காமல் (மருவா)

10.காக்கும் மெய்யறிவினைத் தருகின்ற (நெறியளிக்கும்),

11.என் தலைவனான மாணிக்க வாசகரின் (வாதவூரெங்கோன்)

12.திருவாசகம் எனும் தேன் (திருவா சகமென்னுந் தேன்)

முதல்வரி: பிறவி என்பது முன்வினை விதையால் முளைப்பதோர் பெருமரம். அந்த ‘முன்வினை’ எங்கு ஆரம்பித்தது எனச் சொல்ல இயலாது. ஆனால் ‘அறியாமை’ ஒன்றே ஆசைக்கும்,, அச்சத்துக்கும் காரணம் என்பதால், அவையே வினைகளை விளைவிப்பன என்பதால், தொடர்ந்து வரும் பிறவிகளுக்கு, ‘அறியாமையே’ காரணம்

அறியாமைக்கு ஆரம்பம் கிடையாது. நமக்கு ஒரு பொருளைப் பற்றிய அறிவு எப்போதிருந்து இல்லை? அதைச் சொல்ல முடியாது. அதனாலேதான் முதலடியில், ஆரம்பமில்லாத அஞ்ஞானத்தை பிறவிகளுக்குக் காரணமாகச் சொல்லியது. ஆனால் அறியாமை, அறிவின் எழுச்சியால், அப்போதே முடிந்து விடும்.
@franciscodeasis https://t.co/OuQaBRFPu7
Unfortunately the "This work includes the identification of viral sequences in bat samples, and has resulted in the isolation of three bat SARS-related coronaviruses that are now used as reagents to test therapeutics and vaccines." were BEFORE the

chimeric infectious clone grants were there.https://t.co/DAArwFkz6v is in 2017, Rs4231.
https://t.co/UgXygDjYbW is in 2016, RsSHC014 and RsWIV16.
https://t.co/krO69CsJ94 is in 2013, RsWIV1. notice that this is before the beginning of the project

starting in 2016. Also remember that they told about only 3 isolates/live viruses. RsSHC014 is a live infectious clone that is just as alive as those other "Isolates".

P.D. somehow is able to use funds that he have yet recieved yet, and send results and sequences from late 2019 back in time into 2015,2013 and 2016!

https://t.co/4wC7k1Lh54 Ref 3: Why ALL your pangolin samples were PCR negative? to avoid deep sequencing and accidentally reveal Paguma Larvata and Oryctolagus Cuniculus?

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3/ On evaluating where someone’s head is at regarding a topic they are being wishy-washy about or delaying.

“Gun to the head—what would you decide now?”

“Fast forward 6 months after your sabbatical--how would you decide: what criteria is most important to you?”

4/ Other Q’s re: decisions:

“Putting aside a list of pros/cons, what’s the *one* reason you’re doing this?” “Why is that the most important reason?”

“What’s end-game here?”

“What does success look like in a world where you pick that path?”

5/ When listening, after empathizing, and wanting to help them make their own decisions without imposing your world view:

“What would the best version of yourself do”?
THREAD: 12 Things Everyone Should Know About IQ

1. IQ is one of the most heritable psychological traits – that is, individual differences in IQ are strongly associated with individual differences in genes (at least in fairly typical modern environments). https://t.co/3XxzW9bxLE

2. The heritability of IQ *increases* from childhood to adulthood. Meanwhile, the effect of the shared environment largely fades away. In other words, when it comes to IQ, nature becomes more important as we get older, nurture less.

3. IQ scores have been increasing for the last century or so, a phenomenon known as the Flynn effect. https://t.co/sCZvCst3hw (N ≈ 4 million)

(Note that the Flynn effect shows that IQ isn't 100% genetic; it doesn't show that it's 100% environmental.)

4. IQ predicts many important real world outcomes.

For example, though far from perfect, IQ is the single-best predictor of job performance we have – much better than Emotional Intelligence, the Big Five, Grit, etc. https://t.co/rKUgKDAAVx https://t.co/DWbVI8QSU3

5. Higher IQ is associated with a lower risk of death from most causes, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, most forms of cancer, homicide, suicide, and accident. https://t.co/PJjGNyeQRA (N = 728,160)