I've completely fallen down a well of reading crappy superhero comics. (virtually all superhero comics are crappy.)

it's a comfort food thing. takes me back to my ill spent youth.
read a bunch of Dan Slott's she hulk run, which is depressingly sexist, all things considered. (the old, there's something wrong with you if you're a powerful woman who enjoys being powerful trope.)
Gail Simone's Birds of Prey is pretty fun; character interactions are great but she's got trouble figuring out worthwhile plots. all the villains are pretty eh.
read some Bendis avengers and new avengers. he writes fun characters, but the crossover stuff is so omnipresent it's hard for him to develop any narrative cohesion.
Ultimate fantastic four is actually quite good, especially the first Bendis/Ellis issues. it's very much not the kirby, family bickering thing. instead what's fun is that the characters are all charming and clearly like each other.
they kept switching creative teams and it sort of lost that.
oh right; Millar's Ultimates I wrote about that. it sucks, but in kidn of interesting ways. https://t.co/c4YoLFDoms
also reread the old x-men comic where they go to Limbo and Ilyana ages 7 years. I think I first read that like 40 years ago. it stuck with me...and can sort of see why, though also doesn't really hold up.
I thought it was extremely creepy when I was 8; the x men transported to this weird alternate reality and they wander through the halls and find their own corpses.
it's still a bunch of good ideas, but Chris Claremont's writing is too workmanlike to take advantage of the horror atmosphere.

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A thread of very good, wonderful, truly Super Bowls.

Translucent agate bowl with ornamental grooves and coffee-and-cream marbling. Found near Qift in southern Egypt. 300 - 1,000 BC. 📷 Getty Museum https://t.co/W1HfQZIG2V

Technicolor dreambowl, found in a grave near Zadar on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. Made by melding and winding thin bars of glass, each adulterated with different minerals to get different colors. 1st century AD. 📷 Zadar Museum of Ancient Glass

100,000-year-old abalone shells used to mix red ocher, marrow, charcoal, and water into a colorful paste. Possibly the oldest artist's palettes ever discovered. Blombos Cave, South Africa. 📷https://t.co/0fMeYlOsXG

Reed basket bowl with shell and feather ornaments. Possibly from the Southern Pomo or Lake Miwok cultures. Found in Santa Barbara, CA, circa 1770. 📷 British Museum https://t.co/F4Ix0mXAu6

Wooden bowl with concentric circles and rounded rim, most likely made of umbrella thorn acacia (Vachellia/Acacia tortilis). Qumran. 1st Century BCE. 📷 https://t.co/XZCw67Ho03

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