We are living through a period of such breathtaking, callous disregard for the lives of girls that the jeers and slurs sometimes seem all-encompassing.

Thankfully, however, those whose minds are not dulled by dogma, tribalism or misogyny are starting to realize the full scale of the crime that is being committed. All in the name of “progressive” politics./2of17
To a considerable extent, this growing realization is thanks to the work of the intrepid journalist Janice Turner, @VictoriaPeckham. Here are a few striking passages from her stunning review of a book that everyone who cares about girls - or about false gods - must read./3of17
“.... while Californian girls as young as 13 have double mastectomies the American and British liberal media either cheerlead or keep shtum.”/4of17
“No wonder the geeky or less ‘girlie’
girls we once called tomboys, especially those who are becoming aware they are attracted to other girls, ‘flee womanhood’, as Shrier puts it, ‘like a house on fire, their minds fixed on escape, not on any particular destination’.”/5of17
“.... in the US paediatric trans medicine, private and unfettered, is driven by capitalism and activism. Fifty new child clinics have popped up to flog expensive hormones and ‘innovative’ genital surgeries to lucrative lifelong patients.”/6of17
“These doctors are enabled by an adult trans movement that insists any medical ‘gatekeeping’ is wrong. A patient should not need proof of gender dysphoria; a trans person knows they are trans and must be ‘affirmed’ in that self-diagnosis..” /7of17
“..even if they are a troubled 12-year-old girl. Clinics boast approval for testosterone treatment after a single appointment.”/8of17
“The operation to create a (non-functional) penis involves harvesting skin from the forearm right down to the muscle; infections are frequent, orgasm unlikely. This is activist-driven medicine evolving on the fly, governed by shoddier ethics than a basic boob job.”/9of17
“As one doctor says of ‘top surgery’, i.e. radical double mastectomy which removes future capacity to breastfeed, ‘there is no other cosmetic operation where it is considered morally acceptable to destroy a human function. None.’”/10of17
“Shrier argues that this wave of girls seeking treatment are different from the tiny number of children who know from early childhood they are trans. What has been termed ... ‘ROGD’ ... is a new manifestation of an old condition - fear and disgust around female puberty.”/11of17
“You grow breasts, & bleed, suddenly men look at you sexually. Moreover, the vast majority with ROGD have prior mental health diagnoses, a third are autistic,some had been sexually abused.Anorexics shut down puberty by starving, now girls can block it with powerful drugs.”/12of17
“The question that makes me both sad and angry is why LGBT activists stubbornly refuse to concede that these girls represent a different psychopathology. Instead groups such as Stonewall, in the words of Dr Ray Blanchard, a world-renowned sexologist, ‘circle the wagons’.”/13of17
“Why? Because to concede would rock the quasi-religious belief that gender identity is innate and unquestionable; the rise in ‘trans children’ justifies greater resources for trans adults, and this movement is dominated by trans women and gay men,”/14of17
“who have not endured the turbulence of female puberty. With few brave exceptions, they decry feminists (including many lesbians) who see in these tortured girls their younger selves.”/15of17
“Let’s hope grinning doctors posing with teenage breast tissue in pickle jars will be consigned alongside other collective medical madnesses such as false memory syndrome or 1950s lobotomies.”/16of17
“And that girls’ bodies cease to be, as Shrier’s fearless book bleakly reveals, collateral in adult culture wars.”/17of17
** Thank you so much, @VictoriaPeckham
Everyone: read Shrier’s book **

More from Crime

My students @maxzks and Tushar Jois spent most of the summer going through every piece of public documentation, forensics report, and legal document we could find to figure out how police were “breaking phone encryption”. 1/

This was prompted by a claim from someone knowledgeable, who claimed that forensics companies no longer had the ability to break the Apple Secure Enclave Processor, which would make it very hard to crack the password of a locked, recent iPhone. 2/

We wrote an enormous report about what we found, which we’ll release after the holidays. The TL;DR is kind of depressing:

Authorities don’t need to break phone encryption in most cases, because modern phone encryption sort of sucks. 3/

I’ll focus on Apple here but Android is very similar. The top-level is that, to break encryption on an Apple phone you need to get the encryption keys. Since these are derived from the user’s passcode, you either need to guess that — or you need the user to have entered it. 4/

Guessing the password is hard on recent iPhones because there’s (at most) a 10-guess limit enforced by the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP). There’s good evidence that at one point in 2018 a company called GrayKey had a SEP exploit that did this for the X. See photo. 5/
Yesterday I did a thread on how Huawei is trying to manipulate Belgian policy audiences with a fake online ecosystem ahead of a key 5G decision. (https://t.co/ViIp7X5KsN) Huawei did not take kindly to my research.

Mike Bai, the "President of Strategy Marketing Western Europe" for Huawei doubled down and tagged me and the organisations listed in my profile in a promoted (!) tweet. It's still doing the rounds now.

But who is Mike Bai? An analysis of his Twitter account by Botometer rates him a dubious 2.2/5 (by comparison, I rate 0.4, where 0 is best). @villaraco points out that he gained 800K followers in 9 months: https://t.co/YfoVaVNq2y

Bai's sudden and massive online presence for Huawei started at the exact same time as the fake ecosystem of blogs and websites started being built, in March 2020. I can find no job history for him pre-Huawei, starting in March of this year.

I did find another (?) Mike Bai. The other Mike Bai authored a blog that posts Chinese state propaganda about things like the Covid-19 outbreak not originating in China. I won't link to the blog as not 100% sure it's same person, but here's a screenshot of part of the text.

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