WATCH LIVE NOW: 2 people sought for murder in death of Calgary police officer:

[email protected]_mark says Sgt. Andrew Harnett joined CPS after 2.5 years as a police officer in the military.
@neufeld_mark Nefuled says Harnett did a traffic stop at 10:50 p.m. Another vehicle was involved in the crash, that driver stayed at the scene.
@neufeld_mark First-degree murder warrants have been issued for two people, a 17-yr-old and a 19-yr-old:
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says investigative work done by Sgt. Harnett before his death helped identify the two suspects.
@neufeld_mark "Today is the day I've had nightmares about" — @neufeld_mark
@neufeld_mark Calgary Police Association president John Orr says it was a cowardly act that claimed Sgt. Harnett's life.
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says they don't believe it is possible the driver didn't know they had hit Sgt. Harnett. As a supervisor he would have been working alone but other officers were nearby.
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says investigators got additional authorization to release the name of the 17-yr-old suspect. Names of youth are normally not released relating to crime.
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says, "I'm pissed off, it's totally senseless," on the death of Sgt. Harnett.
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says Sgt. Harnett was "Just an amazing fellow," says they worked a shift together in the past, calls him a consummate police officer.
@neufeld_mark Chief Neufeld says Harnett was a highly decorated member of the armed forces, and was a highly decorated police officer. Earned two chief's awards for saving lives.
@neufeld_mark The traffic stop was initiated because the licence plate on the vehicle didn't match.

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