9 Python resources that will fast-track your learning


1️⃣ Introduction to Python Programming

✔️ Learn to solve practical problems with Python
✔️ Enhance your skill set
✔️ Boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning.


2️⃣ Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

✔️ Introduction to computer science
✔️ A tool to solve real-world analytical problems
✔️ Computational thinking and Data Science


3️⃣ Learn Python the HARD WAY

✔️ The Hard Way Is Easier
✔️ Learn Python through 52 exercises
✔️ Starting from ZERO


4️⃣ Python for Everybody Specialization

✔️ Learn to program
✔️ Analyze data with Python
✔️ Gather, clean, analyze, and visualize data


5️⃣ Leet Code

✔️ Learn by testing your skills
✔️ From easy, medium, hard problems
✔️ Prepare for technical interviews


6️⃣ Hacker Rank

✔️ Test your coding skills
✔️ Programmers come together
✔️ Solve programming problems


7️⃣ Project Euler

✔️ Math and programming problems
✔️ Improve your solving skills
✔️ Become top problem solver


8️⃣ Codewars

✔️ Achieve mastery through challenge
✔️ Training with peers
✔️ Challenge your coding practice

9️⃣ Python subreddit

✔️ Ask questions
✔️ Get help
✔️ Help others - the best way to learn


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Top 10 Data Science Projects with Python

✔️ 10 Datasets
✔️ 10 Projects with solution


1️⃣ Project: Detecting Spam

✔️ Big email dataset
✔️ 35.000+ spam and ham messages
✔️ Learn how to filter


Solution 👇🧵

1️⃣ Solution: Detecting Spam

✔️ How to build a spam filter
✔️ Using Scikit-learn
✔️ Naive-Bayes and

2️⃣ Project: Music Recommendation

✔️ Million Song Dataset
✔️ Metadata for a million songs


Solution 👇🧵

2️⃣ Solution: Music Recommendation

✔️ Using Tableau
✔️ Collaborative-filtering engine
✔️ Similar to YouTube
Want to learn Django?

Check out these 8 free resources.

see 👇🧵

Get started with Django

- Installing and creating first project
- Working with templates
- Authentication frameworks
...and much more

More resources

Django Admin Cookbook

How to do things with Django admin
- Create two admin sites
- Bulk and custom actions
- Working with permissions
...and much more


More 👇🧵

Django ORM cookbook

How to do things using Django ORM
- How to do OR/AND queries in ORM
- CRUD with ORM
- Database modelling
...and much more


More 👇🧵

Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework

Learn about
- Simple API with pure Django
- Serializing and Deserializing data
- Access control
...and much more


More 👇🧵

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Master Thread of all my threads!

Hello!! 👋

• I have curated some of the best tweets from the best traders we know of.

• Making one master thread and will keep posting all my threads under this.

• Go through this for super learning/value totally free of cost! 😃



Got these scanners from the following accounts:

1. @Pathik_Trader
2. @sanjufunda
3. @sanstocktrader
4. @SouravSenguptaI
5. @Rishikesh_ADX

3. 12 TRADING SETUPS which experts are using.

These setups I found from the following 4 accounts:

1. @Pathik_Trader
2. @sourabhsiso19
3. @ITRADE191

4. Curated tweets on HOW TO SELL STRADDLES.

Everything covered in this thread.
1. Management
2. How to initiate
3. When to exit straddles
4. Examples
5. Videos on

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Recently, the @CNIL issued a decision regarding the GDPR compliance of an unknown French adtech company named "Vectaury". It may seem like small fry, but the decision has potential wide-ranging impacts for Google, the IAB framework, and today's adtech. It's thread time! 👇

It's all in French, but if you're up for it you can read:
• Their blog post (lacks the most interesting details):
• Their high-level legal decision: https://t.co/hwpiEvjodt
• The full notification: https://t.co/QQB7rfynha

I've read it so you needn't!

Vectaury was collecting geolocation data in order to create profiles (eg. people who often go to this or that type of shop) so as to power ad targeting. They operate through embedded SDKs and ad bidding, making them invisible to users.

The @CNIL notes that profiling based off of geolocation presents particular risks since it reveals people's movements and habits. As risky, the processing requires consent — this will be the heart of their assessment.

Interesting point: they justify the decision in part because of how many people COULD be targeted in this way (rather than how many have — though they note that too). Because it's on a phone, and many have phones, it is considered large-scale processing no matter what.
1. Project 1742 (EcoHealth/DTRA)
Risks of bat-borne zoonotic diseases in Western Asia

Duration: 24/10/2018-23 /10/2019

Funding: $71,500

2. Bat Virus Database
Access to the database is limited only to those scientists participating in our ‘Bats and Coronaviruses’ project
Our intention is to eventually open up this database to the larger scientific community

3. EcoHealth Alliance & DTRA Asking for Trouble
One Health research project focused on characterizing bat diversity, bat coronavirus diversity and the risk of bat-borne zoonotic disease emergence in the region.

4. Phelps, Olival, Epstein, Karesh - EcoHealth/DTRA

5, Methods and Expected Outcomes
(Unexpected Outcome = New Coronavirus Pandemic)