Python CHEAT sheet

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1. Base Types

For calculations
✔️ int + float

For program flow
✔️ bool

For text and data
✔️ str + bytes

2. Data Structures

Most common
✔️ list + dict

Common indirect use
✔️ tuple

3. Variable Assignment

✔️ a = b = c = 0 # same value
✔️ a, b = b, c # swap values

4. Conversions

"one two three" -> "one-two-three"
'-'.join("one two three".split())

5. Conditional Statement

Check if in list:
if item in ['foo', 'bar']:
# item is foo or bar
# item not foo or bar

6. Boolean Logic

Priority is NOT, then AND, then OR

True or False and False -> TRUE

7. Display and Input

f-string example

name = Python
age = 2023 - 1991
print(f'{name} is {age} years old')

The full cheat sheet includes
✔️ loops
✔️ files
✔️ sequences
✔️ list + dict operations
✔️ string operations
...and much more

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Check out these 8 free resources.

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- Working with templates
- Authentication frameworks
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- Create two admin sites
- Bulk and custom actions
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Top 10 Data Science Projects with Python

✔️ 10 Datasets
✔️ 10 Projects with solution


1️⃣ Project: Detecting Spam

✔️ Big email dataset
✔️ 35.000+ spam and ham messages
✔️ Learn how to filter

Solution 👇🧵

1️⃣ Solution: Detecting Spam

✔️ How to build a spam filter
✔️ Using Scikit-learn
✔️ Naive-Bayes and

2️⃣ Project: Music Recommendation

✔️ Million Song Dataset
✔️ Metadata for a million songs

Solution 👇🧵

2️⃣ Solution: Music Recommendation

✔️ Using Tableau
✔️ Collaborative-filtering engine
✔️ Similar to YouTube

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APIs in general are so powerful.

Best 5 public APIs you can use to build your next project:

1. Number Verification API

A RESTful JSON API for national and international phone number validation.


2. OpenAI API

ChatGPT is an outstanding tool. Build your own API applications with OpenAI API.


3. Currency Data API

Currency Data API provides a simple REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies


4. Weather API

Real-Time & historical world weather data API.

Retrieve instant, accurate weather information for
any location in the world in lightweight JSON format.


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