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No 1

Learn Python - a 8 hours video course

- Includes 17 lessons
- 34 prepared Notebooks
- a FREE eBook

No 2 👇🧵

No 2

Calculate the Relative Strength Index (RSI) with pandas
- Learn what RSI is
- Read stock prices with PDR
- How to calculate RSI using pandas

No 3 👇🧵

No 3

Calculate the MACD with pandas
- Get stock prices
- How to calculate MACD
- Make a plot with MACD lines

No 4 👇🧵

No 4

FREE eBook
- Backtesting a investment strategy
- Use Python and pandas
- 82 pages with source code

No 5 👇🧵

No 5

Calculate the Average True Range (ATR)
- What is ATR?
- How to calculate with Python
- Create a chart

No 6 👇🧵

No 6

Financial Analysis Course
- A FREE 2 hours video course
- Prepared Notebooks
- Use pandas for financial analysis

No 7 👇🧵

No 7

Calculate the Volatility of Historic Stock Prices
- Read historic prices with Pandas Datareader
- Calculate the volatility
- Visualize the volatility of the stock

No 8 👇🧵

No 8

Simple and Exponential Moving Average
- What is SMA and EMA
- Use pandas rolling
- How to use pandas to calculate it

No 9 👇🧵

No 9

Machine Learning with Python
- A 10 hours video course
- 15 lessons with projects
- Covering all ML needed

No 10 👇🧵

No 10

Find all Possible Webcam Resolutions with OpenCV
- This is the odd kid in the list
- Use OpenCV to find webcam res
- A smart trick

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Want to learn Django?

Check out these 8 free resources.

see 👇🧵

Get started with Django

- Installing and creating first project
- Working with templates
- Authentication frameworks
...and much more

More resources

Django Admin Cookbook

How to do things with Django admin
- Create two admin sites
- Bulk and custom actions
- Working with permissions
...and much more


More 👇🧵

Django ORM cookbook

How to do things using Django ORM
- How to do OR/AND queries in ORM
- CRUD with ORM
- Database modelling
...and much more


More 👇🧵

Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework

Learn about
- Simple API with pure Django
- Serializing and Deserializing data
- Access control
...and much more


More 👇🧵
Top 10 Data Science Projects with Python

✔️ 10 Datasets
✔️ 10 Projects with solution


1️⃣ Project: Detecting Spam

✔️ Big email dataset
✔️ 35.000+ spam and ham messages
✔️ Learn how to filter


Solution 👇🧵

1️⃣ Solution: Detecting Spam

✔️ How to build a spam filter
✔️ Using Scikit-learn
✔️ Naive-Bayes and

2️⃣ Project: Music Recommendation

✔️ Million Song Dataset
✔️ Metadata for a million songs


Solution 👇🧵

2️⃣ Solution: Music Recommendation

✔️ Using Tableau
✔️ Collaborative-filtering engine
✔️ Similar to YouTube

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I’m torn on how to approach the idea of luck. I’m the first to admit that I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. To be born into a prosperous American family in 1960 with smart parents is to start life on third base. The odds against my very existence are astronomical.

I’ve always felt that the luckiest people I know had a talent for recognizing circumstances, not of their own making, that were conducive to a favorable outcome and their ability to quickly take advantage of them.

In other words, dumb luck was just that, it required no awareness on the person’s part, whereas “smart” luck involved awareness followed by action before the circumstances changed.

So, was I “lucky” to be born when I was—nothing I had any control over—and that I came of age just as huge databases and computers were advancing to the point where I could use those tools to write “What Works on Wall Street?” Absolutely.

Was I lucky to start my stock market investments near the peak of interest rates which allowed me to spend the majority of my adult life in a falling rate environment? Yup.