Please please please take your cyber security seriously even if you don’t consider yourself a high risk person. Here are a few easy things to start with. 1/n

Switch from WhatsApp to Signal and enable disappearing messages. Most of us cannot stop using WhatsApp entirely but at least turn off back ups to Google Drive or iCloud. 2/n
Do not have private conversations using the messaging service on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 3/n
Switch from Gmail to ProtonMail or any other secure email service provider. 4/n
Switch from Google Docs to CryptPad or RiseUp Pad. 5/n
Get yourself a trustworthy VPN. 6/n
Want to share documents securely? Use Onion Share. 7/n
Stop using weak ass passwords and get yourself a password manager which will generate and remember secure passwords for you. 8/n
There is a lot that can't be covered in a Twitter thread and you should always do your own research. Here are some guides by actual technical experts unlike this thread written by a well-intentioned lawyer. 9/n

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A common misunderstanding about Agile and “Big Design Up Front”:

There’s nothing in the Agile Manifesto or Principles that states you should never have any idea what you’re trying to build.

You’re allowed to think about a desired outcome from the beginning.

It’s not Big Design Up Front if you do in-depth research to understand the user’s problem.

It’s not BDUF if you spend detailed time learning who needs this thing and why they need it.

It’s not BDUF if you help every team member know what success looks like.

Agile is about reducing risk.

It’s not Agile if you increase risk by starting your sprints with complete ignorance.

It’s not Agile if you don’t research.

Don’t make the mistake of shutting down critical understanding by labeling it Bg Design Up Front.

It would be a mistake to assume this research should only be done by designers and researchers.

Product management and developers also need to be out with the team, conducting the research.

Shared Understanding is the key objective

Big Design Up Front is a thing to avoid.

Defining all the functionality before coding is BDUF.

Drawing every screen and every pixel is BDUF.

Promising functionality (or delivery dates) to customers before development starts is BDUF.

These things shouldn’t happen in Agile.