Please please please take your cyber security seriously even if you don’t consider yourself a high risk person. Here are a few easy things to start with. 1/n

Switch from WhatsApp to Signal and enable disappearing messages. Most of us cannot stop using WhatsApp entirely but at least turn off back ups to Google Drive or iCloud. 2/n
Do not have private conversations using the messaging service on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 3/n
Switch from Gmail to ProtonMail or any other secure email service provider. 4/n
Switch from Google Docs to CryptPad or RiseUp Pad. 5/n
Get yourself a trustworthy VPN. 6/n
Want to share documents securely? Use Onion Share. 7/n
Stop using weak ass passwords and get yourself a password manager which will generate and remember secure passwords for you. 8/n
There is a lot that can't be covered in a Twitter thread and you should always do your own research. Here are some guides by actual technical experts unlike this thread written by a well-intentioned lawyer. 9/n

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