5 ways to be a dangerous human being..

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1. All left ideologies going back to classical liberalism itself are revolutionary and utopian at heart. The whole of the enlightenment IS the culture war writ large. Whether it is capitalism, Marxism, socialism, or fascism, they are part of the enlightenment drive for utopia.

2. This is at root the basic impulse of the enlightenment, it is even in the name itself: “the enlightenment.” It is the claim that they woke up after the “dark ages” (another enlightenment smear). They were going to overthrow hierarchy and superstition.

3. They would trust reason alone. Society would be remade along the lines of reason and science. We would free ourselves from dark ages shackles on learning, economics and politics. We would remake society, putting human dignity at the center of society.

4. There is no escaping this in our society. Even so-called “conservatives” today simply harken back to an earlier simpler liberalism. But they never stop to examine liberalism’s fundamental drive to build a society that realizes humanity’s full potential.

5. At its heart, liberalism is utopian. It has its own soteriology. It is trying to create a utopia of equality, freedom and prosperity. If now the current forms of liberalism want to devour the older, this is what revolutions do.

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• Sold Strangles 20% cap used
• Added 20% cap more when in profit
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• Kept rolling up profitable leg
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