Full chart learning course 🎓
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Process of trading through
price action ✨👇

1⃣Time frame - always start looking chart 📊 with higher time frame (weekly/monthly) then after go for lower one .

Positional trader - weekly/monthly

Swing trader - daily /3hours

Intraday trader - 15/30min
2⃣ demand /supply zone - then draw major/minor demand & supply zone .।।।

Ex : #SIS
3️⃣ Trading style -

⚡If you are positional trader then focus on major demand & supply zone.

⚡If you are swing trader then focus on minor demand & supply zone.

Wait for price to come on it then, 👇
4⃣find consolidation -

⚡Positional trader - consolidation should be above 1/2years.

⚡ swing trader - consolidation should be below 1/2 years

⚡Intraday trader - consolidation should above 5/10 days.

Ex - #galxo / #triveni / #vimta
5⃣major flow of market & stock📈 -

Major trend of market & stock must match to each other .

(Major trend - monthly higher high)

Ex - #Vtl & #paushak
6⃣ Volume action - after that watch volume action near major /minor demand supply zone.

This is my volume thread 🧵 you will learn about volumes & it's behaviour 👇

7⃣ Pivot Entry point 📍 - pivot point is that point in which chances of big move occur is much more.

If stock making good contraction of price near major/minor demand & supply then only enter that trade 👇l

Ex - #paushak /// #tatapower
8⃣ Stoploss - every types of trader must follow sl in any condition because after bull market over only 40% stocks recover.

⚡positional trader - 20/25% sl

⚡swing trader - 5/7% sl

⚡Intraday /btst - 1/2% sl
9⃣position sizing(RM) - your position size neither too big nor too small .

⚡Postional trader - allocate 10/15% fund in one stock.

⚡Swing trader - allocate 20/25% fund

⚡ Intraday trader - allocate 20/25% fund

All calculation is based on risk management.
🔟 Targets 🎯 - targets must be based on good R:R (normally 1:2)

If you simply follow 1:2 then u need to correct 40% time then also u made alot

⚡Positional - 50/100%

⚡swing - 15/30%

⚡Intraday - 3/5%
1⃣1⃣ - Trailing sl & partial booking -

trailing sl & partial booking are very important for profit protection .

⚡Partial booking - IF as per R:R you earn double then sl ,

Then time to book 50% profit.

Rest hold for trail sl cost to cost.।।।
1⃣2⃣ Price action lessons - Here is eight price action lesson which came from very years of experiences .

must read 📖👇

Thankyou ✨so much for reading that threads 🧵 🙏

I hope I added some value in your learning journey 💛


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The cash strategy 👇☢️👇

1⃣ #stock selection process - always choose that stock which are consolidating near all time high.

(Because whenever stock will give all time high breakout then it will easily give 20/30% return in 1/2 months

U can use trading view scanner for that.

2⃣volume analysis - In that consolidating period volume should be high of up move days then down move days. And last 3/4 month volume of accumulation is much higher.

3️⃣ fund diversification - always deploy your capital in 3/4 stocks, not more then that or not less then 3.

And, your 3/4 stocks must be from different different sectors.

4⃣comunding magic - If you hold 10 stocks then if 2 stocks will give 100% return then portfolio impact is 20% only. (here time period is 8/15 months)

If you hold 3 stocks out of them 2 will give 40% then ur portfolio impact is 25%
(Here time period is 1/3 months)

5⃣sectors analysis - always choose that sector stocks which are near support or breakout stage.

If any stocks is out of nifty sector then u can open stock scanner website and check their peer charts. If out of 5 , 3 are strong then u can select that company.

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कुंडली में 12 भाव होते हैं। कैसे ज्योतिष द्वारा रोग के आंकलन करते समय कुंडली के विभिन्न भावों से गणना करते हैं आज इस पर चर्चा करेंगे।
कुण्डली को कालपुरुष की संज्ञा देकर इसमें शरीर के अंगों को स्थापित कर उनसे रोग, रोगेश, रोग को बढ़ाने घटाने वाले ग्रह

रोग की स्थिति में उत्प्रेरक का कार्य करने वाले ग्रह, आयुर्वेदिक/ऐलोपैथी/होमियोपैथी में से कौन कारगर होगा इसका आँकलन, रक्त विकार, रक्त और आपरेशन की स्थिति, कौन सा आंतरिक या बाहरी अंग प्रभावित होगा इत्यादि गणना करने में कुंडली का प्रयोग किया जाता है।

मेडिकल ज्योतिष में आज के समय में Dr. K. S. Charak का नाम निर्विवाद रूप से प्रथम स्थान रखता है। उनकी लिखी कई पुस्तकें आज इस क्षेत्र में नए ज्योतिषों का मार्गदर्शन कर रही हैं।
प्रथम भाव -
इस भाव से हम व्यक्ति की रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता, सिर, मष्तिस्क का विचार करते हैं।

द्वितीय भाव-
दाहिना नेत्र, मुख, वाणी, नाक, गर्दन व गले के ऊपरी भाग का विचार होता है।
तृतीय भाव-
अस्थि, गला,कान, हाथ, कंधे व छाती के आंतरिक अंगों का शुरुआती भाग इत्यादि।

चतुर्थ भाव- छाती व इसके आंतरिक अंग, जातक की मानसिक स्थिति/प्रकृति, स्तन आदि की गणना की जाती है

पंचम भाव-
जातक की बुद्धि व उसकी तीव्रता,पीठ, पसलियां,पेट, हृदय की स्थिति आंकलन में प्रयोग होता है।

षष्ठ भाव-
रोग भाव कहा जाता है। कुंडली मे इसके तत्कालिक भाव स्वामी, कालपुरुष कुंडली के स्वामी, दृष्टि संबंध, रोगेश की स्थिति, रोगेश के नक्षत्र औऱ रोगेश व भाव की डिग्री इत्यादि।
I like this heuristic, and have a few which are similar in intent to it:

Hiring efficiency:

How long does it take, measured from initial expression of interest through offer of employment signed, for a typical candidate cold inbounding to the company?

What is the *theoretical minimum* for *any* candidate?

How long does it take, as a developer newly hired at the company:

* To get a fully credentialed machine issued to you
* To get a fully functional development environment on that machine which could push code to production immediately
* To solo ship one material quanta of work

How long does it take, from first idea floated to "It's on the Internet", to create a piece of marketing collateral.

(For bonus points: break down by ambitiousness / form factor.)

How many people have to say yes to do something which is clearly worth doing which costs $5,000 / $15,000 / $250,000 and has never been done before.