Full chart learning course 🎓
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Process of trading through
price action ✨👇

1⃣Time frame - always start looking chart 📊 with higher time frame (weekly/monthly) then after go for lower one .

Positional trader - weekly/monthly

Swing trader - daily /3hours

Intraday trader - 15/30min
2⃣ demand /supply zone - then draw major/minor demand & supply zone .।।।

Ex : #SIS
3️⃣ Trading style -

⚡If you are positional trader then focus on major demand & supply zone.

⚡If you are swing trader then focus on minor demand & supply zone.

Wait for price to come on it then, 👇
4⃣find consolidation -

⚡Positional trader - consolidation should be above 1/2years.

⚡ swing trader - consolidation should be below 1/2 years

⚡Intraday trader - consolidation should above 5/10 days.

Ex - #galxo / #triveni / #vimta
5⃣major flow of market & stock📈 -

Major trend of market & stock must match to each other .

(Major trend - monthly higher high)

Ex - #Vtl & #paushak
6⃣ Volume action - after that watch volume action near major /minor demand supply zone.

This is my volume thread 🧵 you will learn about volumes & it's behaviour 👇

7⃣ Pivot Entry point 📍 - pivot point is that point in which chances of big move occur is much more.

If stock making good contraction of price near major/minor demand & supply then only enter that trade 👇l

Ex - #paushak /// #tatapower
8⃣ Stoploss - every types of trader must follow sl in any condition because after bull market over only 40% stocks recover.

⚡positional trader - 20/25% sl

⚡swing trader - 5/7% sl

⚡Intraday /btst - 1/2% sl
9⃣position sizing(RM) - your position size neither too big nor too small .

⚡Postional trader - allocate 10/15% fund in one stock.

⚡Swing trader - allocate 20/25% fund

⚡ Intraday trader - allocate 20/25% fund

All calculation is based on risk management.
🔟 Targets 🎯 - targets must be based on good R:R (normally 1:2)

If you simply follow 1:2 then u need to correct 40% time then also u made alot

⚡Positional - 50/100%

⚡swing - 15/30%

⚡Intraday - 3/5%
1⃣1⃣ - Trailing sl & partial booking -

trailing sl & partial booking are very important for profit protection .

⚡Partial booking - IF as per R:R you earn double then sl ,

Then time to book 50% profit.

Rest hold for trail sl cost to cost.।।।
1⃣2⃣ Price action lessons - Here is eight price action lesson which came from very years of experiences .

must read 📖👇

Thankyou ✨so much for reading that threads 🧵 🙏

I hope I added some value in your learning journey 💛


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The cash strategy 👇☢️👇

1⃣ #stock selection process - always choose that stock which are consolidating near all time high.

(Because whenever stock will give all time high breakout then it will easily give 20/30% return in 1/2 months

U can use trading view scanner for that.

2⃣volume analysis - In that consolidating period volume should be high of up move days then down move days. And last 3/4 month volume of accumulation is much higher.

3️⃣ fund diversification - always deploy your capital in 3/4 stocks, not more then that or not less then 3.

And, your 3/4 stocks must be from different different sectors.

4⃣comunding magic - If you hold 10 stocks then if 2 stocks will give 100% return then portfolio impact is 20% only. (here time period is 8/15 months)

If you hold 3 stocks out of them 2 will give 40% then ur portfolio impact is 25%
(Here time period is 1/3 months)

5⃣sectors analysis - always choose that sector stocks which are near support or breakout stage.

If any stocks is out of nifty sector then u can open stock scanner website and check their peer charts. If out of 5 , 3 are strong then u can select that company.

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