Ma, known as Rajarajeswari (Adiparashakti), is worshipped here in 3 forms-Saraswati in morning, Lakshmi at noon and Durga in evening.

There is a murti of Maha Vishnu on the same pedestal, together worshipped as Ammenarayana.

Legend says that Adi Shankaracharya Ji wanted to bring Ma Sharadamba to Kerala.
Ma followed him on the condition that he will not look back.
When he moved, he could hear only sound of anklets behind him. At a point, the sound stopped and he looked back. This place was Kollur.
Devi decided to stay there but on his request, she agreed to be present here as Saraswati in the morning.

Pavizhamalli thara is the moola sthana of Devi. She was moved to the current location by Villwamangalam Swamiyaar after the presence of Devi was discovered by locals.
There is an old mandir near the main one known as Kizhukkavu. People who feel haunted by evil spirits visit here.

The trees around the mandir are full of long nails.
When mental illness gets cured, people put a nail here.

Makom Thozhal is the most important festival.

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