Youtube provides us access to the top investors worldwide.

But 98.8% don't use it to its full potential.

Five videos that provide the best investing insights:

What you learn: Fundsmith investing philosophies and company's thesis.

From: Terry Smith, founder of Fundsmith
What you learn: Characteristics of compounders & understanding your competitive edge

From: @yliownyc and @tseides
What you learn: How to research a stock from scratch

From: @BrianFeroldi and @Brian_Stoffel_
What you learn: What makes internet stocks attractive?

From: @DennisHong17 and @goodinvestingc
What you learn: Basics of value investing

From: @PrestonPysh
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I'm going to do two history threads on Ethiopia, one on its ancient history, one on its modern story (1800 to today). 🇪🇹

I'll begin with the ancient history ... and it goes way back. Because modern humans - and before that, the ancestors of humans - almost certainly originated in Ethiopia. 🇪🇹 (sub-thread):

The first likely historical reference to Ethiopia is ancient Egyptian records of trade expeditions to the "Land of Punt" in search of gold, ebony, ivory, incense, and wild animals, starting in c 2500 BC 🇪🇹

Ethiopians themselves believe that the Queen of Sheba, who visited Israel's King Solomon in the Bible (c 950 BC), came from Ethiopia (not Yemen, as others believe). Here she is meeting Solomon in a stain-glassed window in Addis Ababa's Holy Trinity Church. 🇪🇹

References to the Queen of Sheba are everywhere in Ethiopia. The national airline's frequent flier miles are even called "ShebaMiles". 🇪🇹