@jamestalarico @BethStelzer What on earth is this nonsense?

@jamestalarico might want to reconsider his sources, because attempting to legislate based on TikTok pseudoscience is making people look stupid.

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With Cathy's permission, I have converted the stats from this paper into graphic form.

Read on.

First, Cathy reported the numbers and % split of UK males and females playing selected sports. Male participation is higher than female participation.

Then, Cathy used population estimates to predict the numbers of male and female athletes who would be eligible, under a selfID model, for the opposite sex category. Cathy calculated these trans athletes as % of opposite sex category.

I have calculated the trans athletes as a frequency in the opposite sex category.

Here is the data for transwomen in female sports.

Here is the data for transmen in male sports.

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