Santkumaras-The four adorable kids of the Universe.

The Kumaras r the four sages who roam the Universe as children from the Puranic texts of Hinduism named,Sanaka, Sanatana,Sanandana& Sanatkumara.They r described as the first mind-born creations &sons of the creator God Brahma.

Brahma,who had received the knowledge of Puranas from the Universal being(God Himself), imbibed this to his 4 Kumaras.
Sanat Kumaras then taught the Puranas to Narada.Narada transmitted it to Krishna Dwaipayana who in turn scripted them in monumental epic documents of 18 Puranas.
The Vishnu Purana is recorded in two parts,the Vishnu Purana & Naradiya Purana.The teachings of Sanaka of the Kumara brothers r contained in the Naradiya Purana which is also divided in two parts, the first part containing the teachings of Sanaka &second part,teachings of others.
Born from Brahma's mind,4 Kumars took lifelong vows of celibacy against their father's wishes.They r said to wander throughout materialistic &spiritualistic universe without any desire but with the aim to teach.All 4 brothers studied Vedas from their Childhood&travelled together.
The Bhagwata Purana lists the Kumaras among the 12 Mahajanas(great devotees or bhaktas) who although being eternally liberated souls from birth, still became attracted to the devotional service of Vishnu from their already enlightened state.
They play a significant role in a number of Hindu spiritual traditions, especially those associated with the worship of Vishnu &his Avatar Krishna, sometimes even in traditions related to the God Shiva.

KUMARA SANAKA says that there is no greater pilgrimage like the river Ganga.
There is no great teacher like one own's mother, no other deity like Bhagwan Vishnu and the Guru is the greatest of all. There is no other brother like peace, no other penance like truth, no other gain better than salvation of the soul and there is no river like the Ganga.
Charity,enjoyment&destruction r only 3 movements of wealth.Wealth which is neither used in doin charities,nor is cherished gets destroyed.Plants too hav lives&nourish&protect the human society with their fruits,roots &branches.If man doesn't chant holy,then he is like dead person
KUMARA SANANDANA says Bhagwan Krishna means, one who is full of all the splendors, all the virtuousness and religiousness, all the fame, all the knowledge, all the wealth and fortune and also possesses all the apathy and who also knows the cause of the creation and destruction.
KUMARA SANATANA says one must follow the rules as they have been described in the sacred texts on Dashami(Tenth Day), Ekadashi(Eleventh Day) and Dwadashi(Twelfth Day). One should avoid the following things on Dashmi Day:
-Pots and Vessels made of Bronze
-Eating Grains
-Eating Honey,Spinach,Pumpkin, Lentils
- Eating food given by others
-Having food second time in a day
-Making sexual contacts with wife

Following things must be avoided on Ekadashi:
-Gambling,Sleeping,Chewing beetle leaves,brushing of teeth, violence,copulating &untruthfulness
Following to be avoided on Dwadashi:
-Items made of Bronze
-Doing exercise
-Going abroad
-Having food twice during day
-Copulating &touching those things which are not worth touching.

KUMARA SANATKUMARA says one who has self-realized...
...neither sees the death of the body, diseases nor sorrows bcoz he understands that the real self is the soul(Atma). When the diet is pure then the innerself becomes pure and when the innerself becomes pure then he acquires remembrance of his past lives(smriti) and he attains...
...eternal knowledge about the permanence of the soul and the ephemeral nature of the physical body.Fools and ignorant people are fearful of thousands of things but the learned man who knows self-realization is not affected by the fear as death and fear have been conquered.
The 4 Kumaras are the eldest sons of Creator God Brahma.When Brahma undertook the task of creation of the Universe,he first created some beings from different parts of his body to aid him.The Kumaras were the first such beings.They were created from his mind &appeared as infants.
Brahma ordered them to aid creation but due to manifestations of Sattva(Purity) and no interest in the worldly life, they refused and instead devoted themselves to God and Celibacy, against their father's wishes.

Some texts like the Devi Bhagwata Purana and Bhavishya Purana...
...narrates that the 4 Kumaras appeared even before the Brahma of present age. As per some texts,Brahma dies &is reborn in a cycle of time.

The 4 Kumaras learnt Vedas at the age of 4 or 5 &thus became great Gyanis(learned beings), yogis & siddhas(the perfect enlightened ones).
The Kumaras remained in the form of children due to their spiritual virtues.The age of the sages varies in various sacred texts. While 5 is the most popular, they are also mentioned as being fifteen or sixteen years old youths. They practiced the vow of renunciation(Sanyasa)...
...and celibacy(brahmacharya) and remained naked. They are sometimes included in the list of Siddhars.
The 4 Kumaras are said to reside in Jana Loka(World of intellectuals in the present parlance) or in the Vishnu's abode Vaikuntha. They constantly chant the Mantra-Hari Sharnam.
They sing Vishnu's praises.The hymns&glories of Vishnu serve as their only food.
Another son of Brahma,Devarshi Narada,who is described as their disciple,extolled their virtues in Padma Purana &says,"Though they appear as 5yr old children,they r the great ancestors of the World".
The Shanti Parva of Mahabharata describes the discourse given by the 4 Kumaras to the Demon King Vritra and his Guru- the sage Shukra. The King and his Guru worship the Kumaras and then Shukra asks them to describe the greatness of Vishnu. Sanat-Kumara starts with describing...
...Vishnu as the creator and destroyer of all beings.He equates Vishnu's body parts with parts of the Universe & the elements,eg the Earth is Vishnu's feet and water is his tongue. Sanatkumara categorises all beings into six colours depending upon the proportion of the 3 gunas.
3 Gunas being Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. From the lowest to the foremost beings, the colours are dark(Tamas is high, Rajas is mild and Sattva is low), blue( Rajas is high, Tamas is mild and Sattva is low), Red(Rajas is high, Sattva is mild and Tamas is low), Yellow(Sattva is high,
Tamas is mild, Rajas is low) and white(Sattva is high,Rajas is mild and Tamas is low). The Vishnu Purana gives non-living things, lower animals and birds, humans, Prajapatis,Gods &the Kumaras r respective examples of the above colours.Sanatkumara elaborates further how a Jeeva...
...journeys from dark to white in his various births, ultimately gaining Moksha if he does good deeds, devotion and yoga.
One should be free from material objects, live a simple life of devotion towards Vishnu and follow the teachings of Guru and attain self-realization.
One should be freed from material objects, live a simple life of non-violence, devotion to Vishnu and follow the teachings of good Guru and undergo self-realization. One should realize that all living things are forms of God. Without knowledge and devotion, humans are incomplete.
Out of 4 Purusharthas( Goals of life), only Moksha is eternal, while religious duty, wealth and pleasure decay with this life. While all beings are subject to destruction, the soul and God in our bodies is eternal. So, it's paramount that you surrender to God , says Sanat Kumara.
The first section or Purvabhaga of Naradiya Purana has 4 padas or sections, each told by the 4 Kumaras respectively to Narada.
The 4 Kumaras roamed around at their free will with their cosmic powers all over the Universe.

During one of their Sojourns, they arrived at Vaikuntha.
The city with the residence of Vishnu located at the center of seven circular walls is considered as a place of bliss and purity. It has seven gates of entry. The 4 Kumaras passes through the first six gates without any hindrance. The seventh gate was guarded by Jaya and Vijaya..
...two dwarpalas of Vishnu's palace.
The angry guardians stopped the four Kumaras and laughed at them since they looked like children and were also naked, and didn't permit them to enter through the 7th gate. The kumaras were perplexed by such ridicule and arrogant behaviour.
They expected Jaya & Vijaya to be like their master Vishnu who doesn't differentiate among beings. The Kumaras cursed them to be born on earth thrice, three villains with characteristics of lust, anger and greed. Gatekeepers begged for their forgiveness. They requested them...
..that they should be devoid of Moha ( infatuation) last they forget their lord Vishnu. Vishnu who learnt of the incident appeared before the Kumaras in all his glory. The 4 Kumaras took in by the sight and divinity of Vishnu appealed to him to accept them as his devotees...
...and allow them to worship him at all time to come and let his feet be their final emancipation. Vishnu agreed to their request and also assured Jaya Vijaya that they will be born as demons on earth but will be released from all births by an Avatar of Vishnu.
These two guards were born on earth in an inauspicious hour to sage kashyap and his wife as Asuras Hiranyakashipu and Hirnyaksh.

Sanaka, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanat were learned Brahmins. They were the sons of Lord Brahma. They were very proud of their father bcoz he was the...
...creator of the holy books, Vedas. They knew Vedas by heart.

An incident about the meeting of 4 Kumaras with Vishnu's avatar Rama is narrated in 'Uttarkanda' of the 'Ramcharitmanas'.The Kumaras once stayed in the Hermitage of Sage Agastya who told them about the glory of Rama.
So, to meet Rama, they went to a forest Grove where Rama with his brothers and disciple Hanuman had come. Rama and his brothers were so pleased with the meeting with 4 Sages that they paid obeisance to them. The sages were wonderstruck looking at the divinity of Rama that they..
..started shredding tears of happiness. Rama looking at the sages was deeply impressed and asked them to be seated and praised them for their great achievements and their erudite knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas. The 4 Kumaras were also delighted to hear the words of...
...praise showered on them by Rama. They in turn extolled his great virtues in a hymn.

🌺 ऊँ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय 🌺

🚩Meaning, " I bow to the Lord who lives in the hearts of all".🚩

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🌺1) गणेश जी को तुलसी न चढ़ाएं।

🌺2) देवी पर दुर्वा न चढ़ाएं।

🌺3) शिव लिंग पर केतकी फूल न चढ़ाएं।

🌺4) विष्णु को तिलक में अक्षत न चढ़ाएं।

🌺5) दो शंख एक समान पूजा घर में न रखें।

🌺6)मंदिर में तीन गणेश मूर्ति न रखें।

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🌺8)द्वार पर जूते चप्पल उल्टे न रखें।

🌺9)दर्शन करके वापस लौटते समय घंटा न बजाएं।

🌺10)एक हाथ से आरती नहीं लेनी चाहिए।

🌺11)ब्राह्मण को बिना आसन बैठाना नहीं चाहिए।

🌺12) स्त्री द्वारा दंडवत प्रणाम वर्जित है।

🌺13) बिना दक्षिणा ज्योतिषी से प्रश्न नहीं पूछना चाहिए।

🌺14) घर में पूजा करने के लिए अंगूठे से बड़ा शिवलिंग न रखें।

🌺15) तुलसी पेड़ में शिवलिंग किसी भी स्थान पर न हो।

🌺16) गर्भवती महिला को शिवलिंग स्पर्श नहीं करना है।

🌺17) स्त्री द्वारा मंदिर में नारियल नहीं फोडना है।

🌺18) रजस्वला स्त्री का मंदिर प्रवेश वर्जित है।

🌺19) परिवार में सूतक हो तो पूजा प्रतिमा स्पर्श न करें।

🌺20) शिव जी की पूरी परिक्रमा नहीं की जाती।

🌺21) शिव लिंग से बहते जल को लांघना नहीं चाहिए।

🌺22)एक हाथ से प्रणाम न करें।

🌺23)दूसरे के दीपक से अपना दीपक जलाना नहीं चाहिए।

🌺24)चरणामृत लेते समय दायें हाथ के नीचे एक नैपकीन रखें ताकि एक बूंद भी नीचे न गिरे।

🌺25) चरणामृत पीकर हाथों को सिर या शिखा पर न पोछें बल्कि आंखों पर लगायें शिखा पर गायत्री का निवास होता है उसे अपवित्र न करें।

🌺26) देवताओं को लोभान या लोभान की अगरबत्ती का धूप न करें।

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