Sri Anjaneya/Hanuman murti at Namakkal is 18ft tall and holds a japmala in hand and sword in waist.
Here, Anjaneya is closely associated with Narasimha and Ma Lakshmi.

Once, Anjaneya was bathing in Gandaki river of Nepal. He found a huge shaligram shaped like Sri Vishnu. He carried it with him. When he was passing over this place, he wished to bathe but shaligram cannot be placed on ground.
He, then, saw Mahalakshmi doing penance.
She wanted to see Prabhu as Narasimha, hence the penance. She agreed to hold the shaligram for some specified time. When Anjaneya could not come back within the given time, she placed it down. The shaligram became a huge mountain.
Vishnu appeared as Narasimha before Ma Lakshmi.
Anjaneya also stayed back. His Vigraha is carved out of a single rock.
The major festival here is the fifteen-day Panguni Uthiram celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni (March – April) when the image of presiding deities are taken around the streets of the mandir.

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