My Notes on Democracy Part 1


DlS5ENT is allowed in a democracy. Any democratic leader or government will uphold - and MUST uphold its citizens's right to DlS5ENT.

This thread analyses the recent Indian experience.

Some years ago, a western country displayed a movie on India in their visitor centre. Showed @Narendramodi the then Gujarat CM as a devil incarnate drinking the blood of MU5LlM.

A tough battle with the authorities resulted in taking down this video.
Lesson - this obscure country which Modi never visited till date has little to do with Indian politics. Yet, there is this need to stop Modi in his tracks of becoming the future PM by smearing him.

Most of you may have noticed Modi as a potential PM in the last decade.
But the Break India F0rces saw this before 2000. It was no surprise as he was the architect of BJP win in the state. This explains why Godhra, the best managed riot turned into a career-defining event for Modi-Shah.

Who are these people and what is their connection to the topic?
C0MMUNl5T5. As most of us know, Political C'sm is but a surface body of an underground larger body. It has many voices, resources, money, and massive techniques in social sciences, economics, and government machinery.

Almost all 'isms' are products of C'sm.
On a world 0rder scale, C'sm, lsIam, Evangels are all deliberately and carefully crafted homogenous groups over a long time - millennia so to say.

Reason: volatile groups like these when divided can be ruled over easier than a bunch of Dharmics or pagans who question them.
It takes only 3% of C0MMUNl5T5 to overturn a country per world history. Na3is were minority.

We will now analyse the current problem. DI5SENT.

It has 3 stages as shown above

1. Weakening the TARGET Government (Manmohan Singh)
2. Mass MobiIisati0n - protests
3. VioIent Ri0ts
The first technique is under trial ever since Rajiv Gandhi was PM. NSR and ABVP upset this. They weaken the target government if it is on their side even though tacitly.

Behind a weak PM, many vile plans were executed without the public ever knowing.

NGOs mushroomed, pink R++
and a number of clandestine agreements with China.

As you all know, C0ngress is C'st party with a different name. They have been on a socialist path since Nehru's times, but have become aggressively so in SoGa times. Everyone knows her connections with the obvious.
Their relationship with CHlNA is the key to the chain of actions in India over the past 6 years.
After significantly weakening our government (MMS), a new era was born in India with the arrival of @narendramodi as @PMOIndia

This made the C0MMUNl5T5 to step up their game and use their second technique.

We are all very familiar with these.
These techniques are not necessarily in series. They can very well run parallel. We can already see this third technique in action.

All the anti-CAA pr0tests, Bangalore Ri0ts, Delhi Ri0ts - we see a heightened frequency in the last two years, especially after Modi's win in 2019.
They create enemies for the majority - to hate, to oppose and attack. One day M's is the enemy, the other day someone else. Weaker sections of these VlCTlM groups are under their control to fan the divide and keep the entity of 'enemy' a constant.

But the real enemy is hidden.
Riots to be part of every day life until the middle class is tired and exhausted and want a strong alternative.

This is when the revoI'n comes to fulfilment.

I am not suggesting this will happen, but it's no thanks to the C0ngress.
Over the past few years, we have witnessed a shift in our approach in exposing the trait0rs of the country, calling them out, naming and shaming, predicting their behaviours and actions. This has rattled the C'sts.

However, many are still very hidden from public view.
Let's see some of these techniques in the Farmers' Pr0test template.

We see all the usual factors in it.

It's very clear that this is a C'st Dl5SENT. A war so to say. In this war, we lose if we do not identify the real enemy and train our aim at the 'VlCTlM' group they place.
Now, let's look at what @narendramodi is doing. What is his approach? He does a holistic approach.

I hear many people saying he is NOT taking action. That's not true. When citizens 'Dl5SENT', a government has to allow it. It's not a democracy otherwise. Besides, using their
resources, they receive permissions from the Supreme Court to do that.

Modi government opposed in court each time and argued such pr0tests should not be allowed. In a democracy, this is the limit for a government.

DlS5ENT is allowed, but anyone violating law is booked, disabled
The government does a meticulous mapping of culprits, books them, and jails them. This way, the resources are depleted and the C'sts will get weaker in time.

C0MMUNlSM thrives only in places were Dl5SENT is curbed. It weakens in open democracies like India.
Open PR0TE5TS are visible, and we are able to respond. However, the subtle attacks are the concern of our citizens more than worrying about the organised DlS5ENT.

India is a civilisational state, not a nation state. The attack on its psyche and this taunting of its heritage
and respect is part of their LONG MARCH. The seeds are sown through 5ubverting three generations through education.

Work is underway to rewrite history so that we can reverse this subversi0n.
Finally, let's ponder over what helps in such situations.

We must continue to be a diverse nation, not too much mind conditioning or social engineering.

But that doesn't mean as citizens we simply play a game without knowing its rules of engagement.
This is 1 on a scale of 10. There is so much we can do, and we are doing it.

The reason for this thread is the disproportionate time we spent on discussing a clear plot by the C'sts - playing into their hands. When the Farmer Pr0tests started, I requested everyone to ignore it.
Our collective interest and sensation is what they feed on. While the unity of Dharmic Wing is our individuality and our ability and freedom to say what we want.

As said, I will most certainly will not want a text book for us to follow. It's always best we are NOT organised.
However, developing a better understanding and shifting our response will help the Government, which in turn will help us.

I will add another thread on C'st pr0pag'a techniques with examples from our recent history.

Vande Mataram.

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