A few words on the passing of William Goldman: In addition to being a legendary screenwriter, he was a friend and mentor to so many other writers, offering guidance and support, directly influencing hundreds of films beyond his own work...

In 2009 a few of us organized an outdoor screening to commentate the 40th anniversary of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” at the Tribeca Film Festival. Writers such as Tony Gilroy, Aaron Sorkin, David Koepp & Scott Frank each spoke to praise Bill...
As each discussed how Bill had been instrumental in inspiring, teaching and supporting them, it really sank in as to what an extraordinary impact this man has had on the landscape of cinema...
Also at that screening we’re 5,000 people who had come to watch one of their favorite movies on a chilly April night by the Hudson River. Bill touched millions that never got the chance to know him personally, but got to know his films like close, enduring friends...
There are few screenwriter who have made the impact William Goldman has - on the form, on the culture, and on fellow writers. He is a world treasure. And though he is no longer with us, his films will be with us as long as people still have a love for cinema...
Here’s a reminder of some of his films that have impacted us all:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Marathon Man
All the President’s Men
A Bridge Too Far
The Stepford Wives
The Princess Bride
Bill often and famously said that when it comes to Hollywood: “Nobody knows anything.” But one thing we do know is that his films are an extraordinary gift to the art of filmmaking and to generations of film lovers around the world.

RIP William Goldman.

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If you come for Bookstagram, i will fight you.

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