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In contrast to countries like Great Britain, Germany does not exclude the Chinese with 5G across the board. But now the cabinet has agreed on stricter rules for foreign network equipment suppliers.

The federal government has been arguing for two years, now there is a draft law, the cabinet is supposed to get it underway on Wednesday. In contrast to countries like Great Britain and Sweden, Germany does not exclude Chinese companies across the board.
But Berlin, too, subjects the use of companies to strict rules. This is a problem for the German network operators: they have made themselves heavily dependent on #Huawei over the past few years. In the radio network of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica,
around half of all components usually come from Huawei. With the new 5G cellular standard, data can be transmitted in real time. This opens up new opportunities for industry, but also increases the risk of cyber attacks. The focus on security is correspondingly large.
The draft of a “Second Law to Increase the Security of Information Technology Systems” therefore now uses a two-stage test procedure. In addition to an examination of the technology, there should also be a political assessment of the trustworthiness of manufacturers.
This rule is de facto directed against countries like China, which have massively expanded state access to technology companies. So far, the dominant suppliers Huawei, Ericsson (Sweden) and Nokia (Finland) have sold complete cellular networks.
Their components such as antennas and computing stations are coordinated with one another, but not compatible with those of the competition. An anti Huawei law would also not be possible under German law.
But the federal government can legally prohibit isolated components of a supplier. However, it is precisely this possibility of prohibition that creates great uncertainty for network operators. They want to push the expansion of 5G with power.
Deutsche Telekom alone has announced that it intends to supply two thirds of the German population with 5G by the end of the year. To do this, it relies heavily on technology from Huawei. Whether she can still implement ther plans is completely open.
And despite this it could leade to further increase of tensions with the USA wich trys to push other countries not to use Huawei for there construction of 5G networks, so the US made some agreements with non very rich countries to ban Huawei for the 5G network construction.

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Watch the entire discussion if you have the time to do so. But if not, please make sure to watch Edhem Eldem summarizing ~150 years of democracy in Turkey in 6 minutes (starting on 57'). And if you can't watch it, fear not; I've transcribed it for you (as public service). Thread:

"Let me start by saying that I am a historian, I see dead people. But more seriously, I am constantly torn between the temptation to see patterns developing over time, and the fear of hasty generalizations and anachronistic comparisons. 1/n

"Nevertheless, the present situation forces me to explore the possible historical dimensions of the problem we're facing today. 2/n

"(...)I intend to go further back in time and widen the angle in order to focus on the confusion I  believe exists between the notions of 'state', 'government', and 'public institutions' in Turkey. 3/n

"In the summer of 1876, that's a historical quote, as Midhat Pasa was trying to draft a constitution, Edhem Pasa wrote to Saffet Pasa, and I quote in Turkish, 'Bize Konstitusyon degil enstitusyon lazim' ('It is not a constitution we need but institutions'). 4/n

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