This day was inevitable. Indian Muslims always lived in La La Land. They bad mouthed real well wishers & slept with the enemy who never considered them as part of them. In Gulf, Indian Muslims were busy with Javed Akhtar & Sonu Nigam. Never interacted with South Asian diaspora

Now when Indian Muslims are thrown to wolves it’s Pakistani & Bangladeshi Muslims with whom they kept distance are the only ones feeling their pain. None of the people who they invited for Eid Milan. Qawali & Mushaira are there for them. Such people invoke wrath upon themselves
Indian Muslims never spoke for Kashmiri Muslims. Distancing from separatist was understandable but we never even bothered to highlight their human rights violation & rapes carried out by forces. We could have sent them humanitarian help we didn’t. Our silence made us complicit.
When Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik it was something legal. A Muslim married another Muslim. Entire Hindutva media went after her. They launched a witch-hunt for months. No Indian Muslim stood by her. All were silent. Now days come when Muslims are arrested for marrying a Hindu
Indian Muslims particularly the elite downplayed communalism in India by saying it will pass or Hindu majority is good. Fringe are bad. They misguiding others. Muslims were always others. Indians were happy to see Muslims sing & dance & eat their food but never considered as own
Indian Muslim celebrities like Naseeruddin Shah & Others instead of highlighting own plight instead indulged in #islamophobia by movies like Sarfarosh & Wednesday which only showcased Muslims as sadistic killers. Hate dose’nt come in one day. You reap what you sowed for years
People like Ismat Chugtai & Other writers who were Atheist & never practiced Islam & were considered fringe by Muslims in 1947 became mainstream Muslim intellectuals of India after Independence. When such Islamophobic were in charge this day was waiting to happen. We asked for it
Indian Muslims particularly from north India after partition never encouraged the thought of having own political voice. They divided their votes between Yadav & Harijans. That only empowered others. Some Muslims got wealthy but the community remained powerless. Now irrelevant.
Just a few years ago. The most vile attack on Asad Owasi, in North India cake from Lucknowi Intellectuals than Hindus. These people in their attempt to look good to majority threw Muslims under the bus. Same people threw TJ & TT opposition under the bus. This day was inevitable
Even here on Twitter. The Sarkari Muslim intellectuals that supported fascist Govt agenda to criminalize TT & supported Beef Ban, Ram Temple have thousands of followers & are considered historians & Muslim intellectuals. What’s their contribution other than appeasing the killers?
Indian Muslim strength lies in global Muslim community. Yet Indian Muslim diaspora distances themselves from Muslim Ummah & allies with Dalits who have zero leverage outside India. Muslims also distance from Sikhs who are faithful allies. You are blind & naive. Don’t blame others
When Indian Muslims faced violence & persecution the Indian Muslim intellectuals & Sarkari Muslims insisted on calling it our internal matter. When Erdogan, Mahathir Mohammad or any neighbors criticized India. Sarkari Muslims jumped to criticize them & defend the Indian majority

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